I am not a surveyor but use a Promark 3 to check out soil conservation structures that I build. Now I have a farmer who wants to put in a 1020' by 62' cattle building. Can I use the stake out feature in Fast Survey to find the corners?



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pardon please you are so soft hearted my friend, for any assistance on GPS use that is within my reach please dont hesitate to pm me.  God bless.

What I believeJustin was simply trying to say that land surveyors in particular are very sensitive about this type of situation. Mostly because in the future when a licensed surveyor has to come behind you and figure out what was done, there is not legitimate and legal way to refer back to a survey to work from. I do not think he meant to turn you off...he most likely  accepted your membership because you seemed eager to learn about land surveying--which you still do.  However, as the admin of this site, it is his duty to let you know that there is a difference between asking how something works and asking the advice of a surveyor for how to do their job.

Take a look at this discussion to see what i mean.

I certainly do not mean to offend. We are all here to learn from one another.  i am not a lawyer, Justin was simply exercising his due diligence by protecting the integrity of this community, in which you are included.

Here is where I think Justin was coming from, if you're still interested.  If said farmer were to start building according to your findings...sometime down the road when that farm is sold a survey must be performed.  This is when this type of thing becomes troublesome.  Look at this discussion to see what I mean.  Chances are the next surveyor must try to track you down in order perform their work, especially if structures are built according to the measurements that you gather.  I hope this is a better answer to the question you were asking.  Best of luck to you.

in the real world you have to at least have two known accepted benchmark of your state as reference (localization) to be sure that the building falls within your client property and a certification of correctness from a registered geodetic engineer is usually being required.  God bless.

@everybody:  Settle down.  Dan, If you are not making a boundary determination or staking a property boundary, whatever you do with your equipment is just. When you say "find the corners", are you referring to finding the building corners or the property corners?  If you are using your equipment to make a simple map to show your client a rough graphic representation of their building in relationship to their property lines and your client understands that this is not a survey and that it is not to be construed as one, and what you are doing does not fall within your State's definition of Land Surveying, then there is not a problem.

-Scott D. Warner, R.L.S.

Sorry. I am not trying to put surveyors out of business. I work with 3 surveyors locally and hire surveyors to do work for me.

What I am doing is replacing a 45 year old building that collapsed under snow in December of 2009. My client has settled with his insurance company and rented an excavator himself to load the scrap iron, and remove the concrete that the original building sat on. He did this without leaving me offsets of the corners to work back with. I just wondered if there was a way to square the corners of the new building if we established one long side. We have a good idea where it is because there are some existing fencepost holes on the side opposite the one he loaded the trucks on. I can probably get it if I break the building into fourths and work from one end to the other.

The short answer is yes.


It will stake out with the same accuracy that you are able to locate the structures you build.





Is there a function in Fast Survey that will help?


Dan, I am not a Fast Survey software user, but i did look at the manual for the software and you may find your answer on page 256 for staking points - here's a link to the manual:            e-topo.web.auth.gr-TOMEIS_INDEX-TOMEASA-Pikridas-give-ashtech_manua...

Once you have stored a point using any GPS device, you should be able to return to that point using stakeout.

If it doesn't help please let the group know.

-Scott D. Warner, R.L.S.

It looks like Point in Direction is what I am looking for ( p 387-391). Thanks for the link for FAST Survey.



if you are talking about finding you must have a map showing where the building was placed with the propperty lines ..from there you can start  with localizing with points that are still available from the propperty and then stake the corners out.  if you do not have any info . and the propperty points can be shown to you by the farmer .. you can do a local survey of the propperty points and then fit the building in cad as the farmer wants and then have them stake out according to your made drawing. if none above is the case you have a bigger problem a way to try to find is to use google earth if the building is still shown there .and then you will be working with aprox coordinates not exact .

The farmer is placing the building in the space occupied by the one that fell down based on the SE corner of that original. It is exactly the same size as the old one and situated on 160 acres he purchased from his father years back. I went out and staked it yesterday with steel tapes and will go out tomorrow to check my steel tape attempt using a PM3/FAST Survey/Point in Direction combination. Will let you know how it went. Have you used Point in Direction Kendall?



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