Hello there surveyors of the world!

I am Dimitris and posting my problem - question fron Greece.

The last 7 years i am a very happy owner of a pair ProMark 500 L1/L2 RTK (base - rover).

The last month i saw some communication problems between base and rover.

The age (sec) on my rover was going up and up reaching 30sec and the back to 1 sec, up to 60 sec and then to 3 sec, sometimes reaching 300sec and DGPS without connection.

The distance between base - rover was 50 meters with view one eachother!!!

I asked a friend to give me his pacific crest modem for my rover and the problem disappeared.

So i need your help here.

Is there any possibility to solve the problem with a new frequency setting of my modem?

Is there any possibility to find a new or used radio receiver kit (pacific crest 80206830 430 - 450 Mhz, 12.5 khz) like mine because the dealer here says that the company doesnt support so old GPS and i will have to buy the whole communication stuff from the begining!!!

Thanks for reading my problem an i look forward to hear some good news from anybody!

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Have you considered taking it to a radio repair shop.  It might be a problem as simple as a broken connection or one of those push on connectors that has corroded or come loose.  If it cannot be repaired the radio repair shop might be able to find a replacement radio module for you.

Phil, thanks for the answer!

It was my first thought but i cant find any radio repair shop here in Greece so far!

I will search more!


EBay.com - used radio


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