Leica TCR705Hello every one. I'm new and I have a problem with my Leica TCR705. My old PC met his maker (was running on windows 7). Got a new one with windows 8.1. On my old PC I was using Leica Geo Office to export/import data with my PC. Got some problem with the instalation CD a few years back. Now I called Leica services and asked for a new version of the program that could run on win 8.1. They told me that the previous version of Geo Office doesn't run on win 8.1 and that the new version is not freeware and has a cost of around 500/600$. No way I am paying that amount. 
My question is can I download my data to my PC any other way withot using this Leica program? Anyone have any Ideia.

The cabele is RS232 Db9 serial.

Thanks in advance

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What Are you trying to download? If only the coords then output from the TCR705 as an ascii file, else let me know.

Yes I output only the coords, but I always used de "Leica Geo Office" to do so. Is it possible to output the ascii file directly to my PC without using any intermediat software?

Perhaps if you do not get the solution you need, you might ask the other members inside the Leica Support Group as they are the ones who have most likely encountered this issue before.

attached is the Leica manual for you

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Hi Rui, not sure if you got a solution to your problem but I have experienced similar issues. If you still require to use older software within a new laptop (Windows 8/10) I suggest using a virtual machine on this laptop. Explore the use of virtual box (free software) for installing a Windows xp or 7 operating system (install windows .iso file within virtual box) on your current Windows 8/10. You can then install your older software within this virtual machine and keep working as you were familiar with.

I haven't done this for a while now, but just a thought. When you've got the instrument hooked up via the download cable can you access the instrument memory via my computer to get the files you need and then do some conversion?

This is the big ?, Can you get good copy's  of windows 7 and your Leica program.Because you can install windows 7 as a second operating system on your new computer. there is also a possibility   that if you can install the Leica Program on windows 8 then you can run it in compatibility  mode.you can try these.


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