I am very frustrated on Leica's FBK support stance for Non-1200 and Non-Viva users. In my case, I am a TPS300, a TPS400, and a Flexline user. I was born to be a Leica user. Unfortunately, Leica somehow classifies non-1200 and non-Viva users as second class customers. Leica should understand that those users largely provided them the reputation it is enjoying today.

I asked Leica regarding this but they insisted that XML is a better venue. I counteracted by insisting that FBK and XML are two different mediums though of same target output. XML provides finished survey output while FBK provides more features not only those that can be addressed in XML but also the capability to perform data reduction analysis. Data reduction work is not present in XML as it is only more of a file protocol.

Leica SurveyOffice, GeoOffice, and FlexOffice do not offer FBK support. This is where my frustation is. This problem prompted me to develop my own utility to automatically generate an FBK from the raw data downloaded from instrument.

They do not even offer clean and comprehensive documentation on Format Manager variables.


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While I am a HUGE fan of LandXML data, the problem is that it is not RAW data (as you noted). Sure I can dump a coordinate output and bring it in to almost anything with XML, the problem is that I can not do raw adjustments on the data because it is not raw. While I have never been a huge fan of the FBK format this is one advantage it offers. Sucks that they have gone this route and opted to ignore this item, especially with so many Civil 3d users out there who also use Leica and need that FBK file.
Thanks for your post! I have the same problem, i am a Leica user (307,805, TS09), and i use also Civil Design. How do you manage to une Leica data in Autocad Survey?
I am a Leica user for a good ten years now and I've used everything from the old TC805 till their new stuff today, all very good instruments.  In general though I have found that the people at Leica who are meant to be the people you ask when you have an issue either are only interested in trying to sell you a newer product, or they actually have no real experience with the older stuff and they don't know what they're talking about.  Some are great to talk to and know lots of things but in a lot of cases they just aren't good with their own products which isn't that great....that's what a forum can be handy for ;)


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