Hello, I'm attemping to add a second rover to my exsiting Leica SR530 base and rover set.Here's the current scenario:

1) Have SR530 base and rover set with Satel2Asx (Freq 430-450)

2) Acquired another SR530 with Pacific Crest PDL (Freq 450-470, receive only)

3) Acquired Pac.Crest RFM96W 2W in GFU6 casing (rx&tx Freq 450-470)

The idea is to have the base running both the Satel and RFM96W so I could get the two rovers running. Did a trial run yesterday and the pacific crests were not communicating (expected since the radios were acquired seperately hence freq. setting & protocol most likely be off -hopefully I'll get the cable & software to fix this in the next couple of days). 

Meanwhile I am hoping if anyone here had attempted something like this before and could offer some insights, especially with regard to the settings etc..TIA

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I think you're trying to do something thats not possible.  I don't know the technicalities but in the base a RTK configuration set, you have to make a radio selection (port).     The choices I see are Pacrest, and 2 - RS232 ports....

I've had good luck with the PacCrest stuff so if it was me, I would sell the Satel gear and pickup another RFM96W to make it simple.  Then just set them all to the same frequency. 

Good luck... post back here if you make your original thought work out!

This was successfully carried out. We managed to get to base to send out RTK signals on both ports and managed to get both rovers running.

Well good job AR!  I still don't know how you did it...  :-)

I'm at a point where I will be selling my Leica 530 base/rover.  I hate to part with it - it is excellent equipment (as you know!) but I need something with the added Glonass satellites.

On CONFIGURE, under radio (RTK1), if we press the shift key, we can actually activate RTK2 option, then it just a matter of assigning the port (eg. Port 3 since RTK1 is via port 1) and selecting the appropriate radio model, baud rate etc and we are good to go.
I purchased my additional rover set off ebay for around USD3K, which I think is the going rate at the moment.

Thanks for the information.  $3000 for rover fits right with what I was going to start at..$7,000 for base, rover, PDL radios etc.  all in great condition because I own it and I'm the only user.  Economy is still slow here.. I hope I can get $7K.  Thanks again!

I had watched ebay on good deals for SR530 before my purchase. What I observed was, selling 1 unit ie rover and base separately tend to fetch better price that selling both units at one go. That was just my observation though. Also 'Worldwide' tends to fetch better price that just 'Local' but obviously the seller would be more exposed to scammers and what not out there. Perhaps it pays to consult a more seasoned ebayers for advice to be on safe side.. All the best to you..


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