Just curious of what that Pinpoint really is. Is that PinPoint really of pinpoint size? I tried measuring wire mesh but my Leica Flexline TS06R1000 fails.

Any ideas? Thank you.

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Its kinda misleading - the pinpoint really refers more to distance accuracy. The actual pulse laser that measures the distance is oval shaped and varies with the distance. For example for your instrument at 50 meters the laser dot size covers an area of about 8mm x 20mm. I think that realistically trying to measure something much smaller than a dime (depending on distance from instrument) is not very practical.

This web link (page 2) provides a little more info.

Hope this helps,

Terry you are correct. The PinPoint refers to a collection of options available on the Leica total stations. Simply put the PinPoint refers to the reflectorless mode where the laser distance meter measures the position of the object from the total station without a prism. Before they used Ultra and Power, but this confussed customers.


Like all light sources, the further away you are the bigger the beam will get. In the case of the Leica Pinpoint module the beams becomes - at 30 m: approx. 7 mm x 10 mm, at 50 m: approx. 8 mm x 20 mm.


So spare a thought for the NASA guys who measure the distance from earth to the moon using a laser. The target is only 46cm square but the beam is roughly 4 miles wide!



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