I am setting up this discussion for one of our members from North Carolina, who is in Kuwait. He is Kevin Hollar, and kevin is on a project where he was                               given a hand- me -down LEICA GPS900 RTK system. Plus it hadn't been turned on since 2008. Kevin has charged every thing and let the receivers set outside for about a hour to update, and has * attempted to soft boot or reset the receivers.

It appears that the base and Rover established a solid green light ..ready for RTK. it appears that the base radio is transmitting, * it has a solid red light.

After that things stop, the rover radio, controller, and Rover GPS will not provide a solution..fixed solution. It's like the rover radio is on a different channel. * question how do you check the channels, the contectiveity, and the position values?

Anyone with that can assist in trouble shooting this system with us or thru comments will be greatly. We're going to try this again in the morning,        6AM 2/242012 EST..Kevin is 8 hrs ahead of us (2PM)  

we will be on the Surveyor Sky Lounge .....

Thank you.

 * Questions:

1. How to reset the receiver?

2. How to check the UHF/VHF channel position in software, and check to see that both are on the same channel?

3. What are the lights doing on the base radio, and the rover?

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Hey Tiago....thanks for your input.....my controller unit is an older GX900...black and white display....with firmware version 6.02 I think....the following is from memory, so bear with me as I don't have access to the units currently.....I found the radio configuration by going to the main menu then pressing the USER key....that takes me to another menu with a soft key that says STAT....when I press that I have sevaral options one of which is radio....in that submenu I have reset the radios to channel 0 which matches the frequency of the base radio....I don't have any interfaces or menus on my CU that matches your steps....are you poss. refering to a more up-to-date software version than what I'm currently using......today I was trying, again, to communicate with the base and bluetooth stopped working on both the base and rover....once I restarted both units and rebooted the CU...I was prompted for a key for the Bluetooth....I entered 1111....but neither unit responded......so now I'm dead in the water....when bluetooth was working i was able to see Satellites for the rover....but never could get the base to show tracking of any satellites....no L1 or L2....not even a floating position icon for the base....I did get a floating position icon for the rover, 10 SAT's and L1/L2 values as well.......simply put the rover is not getting corrections,  the Controller Unit (CU) doesn't communicate with the base, nor does the base show that it is tracking SAT's even though the TRK light on the GNSS antenna is solid green (per the manual)....I've let the units cook for almost an hour to update the almanac.....but still no luck on the CU....I think it's the firmware that needs to be updated but can't be sure....the more I turn on the CU, the more trouble arises....my only option is to wait for the firmware updates....2008 seems to be the last update.....unless you know a way to Hard reset the Controller Unit...if so I'd be glad to try that as well.....documentation is non-existant for this unit and I have no idea what vendor is was purchased from....I'm totally burnt out trying to troubleshoot....any help you or anyone else could provide would be most appreciated....Thanks Kevin in Kuwait

FYI...bluetooth codes for the ATX900 GG antenna's is 0000.....I deleted the previous partnerships in the control panel of Windows....hopped back into the 900 menu and just re-established a connection and let the Leica Software scan for the bluetooth....just for s**** and giggles I entered 0000 and it connected right away.....hope this helps others.....also got the radio's working by swapping out the base and rover radios....setting both channels to 0.....rover got corrections for a solved position in about 2min.....then I was off and running......if anyone can give some insight to using the GPS resection program I would be most appreciative.....

Good afternoon dear colleagues, I apologize, I have used all my professional life instruments Wild -Leica, and due to the terrible economic crisis that crosses my Country and although I know that it is not the right thing, I have no alternative to being able to update my equipment that is not operational since July 2014, since I could not update the ME firmware running version. I ask with much respect and waiting for your highest consideration, I would like to see the possibility that a colleague can send me the firmware file ME3.FW Version: v3.823, I have many problems with my instrument and my Leica distributor in my country, unfortunately, it has not been able to solve me, we are here in Venezuela experiencing a terrible social, political and economic crisis, that is why I appeal to you and your generosity, I do not have the financial means to pay for a firmware update Currently, I hope you understand me and can help me, thank you and may God bless you.


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