I am setting up this discussion for one of our members from North Carolina, who is in Kuwait. He is Kevin Hollar, and kevin is on a project where he was                               given a hand- me -down LEICA GPS900 RTK system. Plus it hadn't been turned on since 2008. Kevin has charged every thing and let the receivers set outside for about a hour to update, and has * attempted to soft boot or reset the receivers.

It appears that the base and Rover established a solid green light ..ready for RTK. it appears that the base radio is transmitting, * it has a solid red light.

After that things stop, the rover radio, controller, and Rover GPS will not provide a solution..fixed solution. It's like the rover radio is on a different channel. * question how do you check the channels, the contectiveity, and the position values?

Anyone with that can assist in trouble shooting this system with us or thru comments will be greatly. We're going to try this again in the morning,        6AM 2/242012 EST..Kevin is 8 hrs ahead of us (2PM)  

we will be on the Surveyor Sky Lounge .....

Thank you.

 * Questions:

1. How to reset the receiver?

2. How to check the UHF/VHF channel position in software, and check to see that both are on the same channel?

3. What are the lights doing on the base radio, and the rover?

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Is it possible to email me pdf manual of GPS900? We use Leica SR530. The convention is, the base should display blinking "Arrow out" icon to show that the radio is transmitting and the rover should show the blinking "Arrow in" to show that the rover is able to 'listen' to the base. If this is not happening, there are a few things to check:
First one is (based on SR530) is the configuration setting on each unit:
CONFIGURE: press continue until the "Radio" setting, check the model&baud rate ext, after pressing CONT on this one, the unit should go straight to the channel option, select 0 (Zero). If not, it should display "No response from radio", which mean the radio is not communicating with the receiver hence need to play around with the model, baud rate etc.
OTH if both units are transmitting and receiving, but just no lock, then you should vote for Ron Paul and get the &*&*^ out of the region..
Best Regards


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