LandLaw Exam Questions for Land Surveyors aid in Study and Faster, Better, Learning and Resources

Land Law Exam Questions for Land Surveyors aid in Study and Faster, Better, Learning and Resources - The question is: Where can you find a good comprehensive list of exam type questions for Land Law I & Land Law II for surveyors. 

If not available online now, then let's do it here and create a comprehensive question and answer type of resource at LSU for this and other Land Surveyor's University library resources.  Why should we make it difficult to share and access this important information?


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I agree with you on the creation of a 'blog' to post probable land law questions for surveyors. I would suggest to  categorize into sections such as surveying in the common wealth, United States and other jurisdictions.

One question i came across in Kenya was e.g. Outline the procedure of surveying a new grant of land adjacent to Lake Naivasha, as well as subsequent subdivision under the RLA and RTA (both now defunct): The approvals necessary, survey procedure, inclusion of a wayleave and other interests (such as easement), reserves, classes of beacons to be put, accuracy of the plotting, approval process, up to the deed plan level. 20 marks.

Great suggestion, Erastus.  Yes, since LSU is world wide in scope, we must classify each question/answer as to jurisdiction.  So lets start with your example. Perhaps others can    submit Question/Answers with the State, Country, and any other jurisdictional class.



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