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Future generations geospatial professionals including land surveyors, geodesists, GIS professionals, archaeologists, cartographers and all of the interrelated professionals of the geosciences have historically followed in the footsteps of those who came before them. Who will be following in your footsteps and what will your footsteps look like to them? In order to create a better understanding of how specific practices came to be accepted, and even more importantly for what reason had we for a certain standard of practice, methodology, or technology at our time in history, we have pondered the same of our predecessors and study this of them in order to make sensible and well grounded professional decisions. The forefathers of our professions were meticulous record keepers. Over 2000 years ago, talented human beings made the first footsteps in what would become passage to the standards, methods, and laws that govern our professions. Many of our footsteps may look different than those of a past millennium or two, and many may look the same. Do we not carve or chisel into rock and wood to mark a boundary today? Do we place objects to identify a location that is intended to be retraced and found? Obviously, yes. However, we do many things very differently.


Since those original footsteps blazed the trail for future generations of professionals (ourselves) to find a foundation for which to build upon, we have erected a skyscraper of knowledge with many levels and departments with different specialties and tools. 


Perhaps the single most important tool we now possess, which may tend to preserve our legacy in a way that was never before possible, is the means of sharing information and ideas nearly immediately from or to almost any place in the world. We are all now here together in one place for the first time in history. From everywhere on Earth.

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Reply by Gavin Bowman on December 22, 2013 at 4:32am

How do I get started in LSU UNIV?

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