Traverse, Traverse Line and How does GPS fit into all of this with GPS Traverse

open traverseIf you look the word traverse up it is used as a noun, a verb, a adverb, a adjective and the list goes on.It also  has many definitions other than the survey term .  In surveying it is in reference to a system of point who's beginning was also it's end.all the sums could be adjusted for a better fit. This is a Closed Traverse. A Traverse Line does not work like this. It's corrections or only averages of each part if this is applied to the survey.There maybe cases were only one angle and one distance is taken at each leg of this Line.This is wrong. Multiples must be taken in this system . This is also to make sure these were correct. Many times i have had to explain to someone  your traverse line is not a traverse. Traverse Lines has stations ,a Traverse does not, a traverse can be adjusted, a traverse Line can not. A compound traverse is two traverse lines that have been tied together . This does not make them a Traverse.   IN a old survey book of mine it says a traverse is a series of points that are connected by angles and distance and can be seen from one point to the next and to the next until they connect back to the first point. This allows the surveyor to make polar or rectangular adjustments to this system .

Can be seen? That's the only way you would turn the the angles and measure them fiscally . Why he said this i do not know, but that is the only way.   So how does GPS " Traverse" fit into all of this . and is it really a traverse or is it only a system of Control points. Voice your conception of what you think and how this terminology is applied. so what makes a Traverse  and a Traverse Line no matter what you use.


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Salisu, Thank you for reply. the ? is not what is a traverse , but what is the meaning of  a GPS Traverse,or is this possible . Can it have one, you know it's not the same on how the data is acquired . Do not  make this connection or compare it to a conventional survey. But in GPS can one point be dependent on the one before it, just like in any traverse ,closed,open or a traverse line with stations or a compound traverse they all connect one point to the next, and are dependent on the one before it.this is what makes them a like.  Make this connection. Or is GPS just a system of control points were this will never be the case. One answer is right before you and there are others.



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