Everything You Need for International Surveyors Week 2018

Community Members,

Beginning Sunday 17th, International Surveyors Week is dedicated to YOU.  You share experiences, and we'll promote your posts worldwide! We've put a couple hundred hours into making International Surveyors Week accessible and engaging for all of our community members. With that said, there are of course plenty of moving parts.

International Surveyors Week

A few questions we've been asked:

Which group forum do I introduce myself in?  The hub dedicated to your location

What if my country doesn't have a group forum yet?  Tell us here and we'll add it

I can't find the forum for my group!   Add  /forum to the end of the address

What kind of story should I tell to inspire the next generation? What made you become a land surveyor-tell us.  Show us in photos and videos.  Inspire!

Where should I share my photos?  Upload them here and describe them and tag them with your location.  OR  Start a discussion inside your group forum and upload them inside the post itself..

Where do I go to log my point during Survey Earth in a DayLog your point here

Of course we even built an entire website for International Surveyors Week and a site for SEIAD in order to answer these questions, but the following minisite pulls everything you need to know into one single place just in time.   We hope that you will share this guide with your fellow surveyors and ask them to participate.

View This Minisite for International Surveyors Week in Full Screen

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