LightSquared GPS is a problem!  We need more discussion on this topic because it affects every Land Surveyor on Earth.  We could even have a group solely dedicated to this topic, but for now the GPS group will have to speak LOUD about the emerging threat to our GPS signals.  Unless every member here on LSU is willing to go back to the days before GPS we have to UNITE and voice our concerns about the legitimate threat of being shut down as a small group of users of the GPS constellation of sattelites.

In case you have not been informed, LightSquared (a private company that recently received a WAIVER FROM THE FCC to develop its 4G wireless network close to the GPS spectrum) continues to move forward with its planned activities; which could disrupt GPS usage.

If any member has news or other information on the developments on this topic, please share it here or do not fear retribution for creating an LSU Group dedicated to this highly important issue.  

I will allow only one week for somebody to spearhead a group on LSU before I take the initiative to do so myself.  The reason that I offer this is because I am not an expert in the happenings involving LightSquared.  I am hoping that we have a member that is more informed than I am on the subject and is willing to invest a few minutes to be the moderator of a group that may have the potential to have an influence on the outcome of the inherent threat that LightSquared poses.


Please help your profession by contributing your thoughts and ideas.

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Very interesting post, I will start telling colleagues tomorrow in Argentina some 4g cel tests are being done now here...

I´ve done some "investigation":

Check GPS frequencies:


And at least in Argentina network 4G testing frequencies:

700 Mhz (ex analog TV) and 1.7 / 2.1 Mhz.hi freqs for higher capacity (TELECOM)



Good Research!  Please join the group against LightSquared........

disect lightsquared it is just an improvement, upgrade your gps fw that's all.

Ronnie, where can I get the firmware updates?

-Scott D. Warner, R.L.S.


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