Causing Interference

GPS receivers require a line of sight to the satellites in order to obtain a signal representative of the true distance from the satellite to the receiver. Therefore, any object in the path of the signal has the potential to interfere with the reception of that signal. Objects which can block a GPS signal include tree canopy, buildings and terrain features.

Further, reflective surfaces can cause the GPS signals to bounce before arriving at a receiver, thus causing an error in the distance calculation. This problem, known as multipath, can be caused by a variety of materials including water, glass and metal. The water contained in the leaves of vegetation can produce multipath error. In some instances, operating under heavy, wet forest canopy can degrade the ability of a GPS receiver to track satellites.

Data Collection Techniques

There are several data collection techniques which can mitigate the effects of signal blockage by tree canopy or other objects. For example, many GPS receivers can be instructed to track only the highest satellites in the sky, as opposed to those satellites which provide the best DOP. Increasing the elevation of the GPS antenna can also dramatically increase the ability of the receiver to track satellites.

Unfortunately, there will be locations where GPS signals simply are not available due to obstruction. In these cases, there are additional techniques which can help to solve the problem. Some GPS receivers have the ability to collect an offset point, which involves recording a GPS position at a location where GPS signals are available while also recording the distance, bearing and slope from the GPS antenna to the position of interest where the GPS signals are not available. This technique is useful for avoiding a dense timber stand or building.

Further, a traditional traverse program can be used to manually enter a series of bearings and ranges to generate positions until satellite signals can again be received. This position data can then be used to augment position data collected with the GPS receiver.

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