I am looking for a feature list that surveyors would like to have in the their data collectors and survey computers in the field. I am building a application that will be very inexpensive and wont need 2K computers. It will run on your android cell phone or android tablet. So you can have a data collector for a couple hundred dollars (your cell phone is just doing duty) or with a $150 Android Tablet with a 5 inch screen to a as much as you want for a state of the art tablet. But the key to this is I want to make a great application with unique and outstanding features for a price that is in the 200 to 300 dollar mark. Some of the features I am looking at is Instant data share (Even file for a copy protection on this) Where all people on a crew can sync there data with each other in the field and with the home office in real time. (As the point is saved it will be uploaded by means of Internet connection IE wifi or cellular. This is a two way sync pulling the data back from any other device and the home office. The application will also do least squared in the field.  By request of my uncle a PLS here in Michigan who requested this software and is my Guinea Pig for the software. When he was looking for new software and the software was $2K+ I think that is insane. Now this is not my Day job this is my free time project. But if I can make a living doing it I would do it for a living and help every one here I would. So start giving me feature request. Argue the features pros and cons. I am trying to build a great application for all of you. I have 2000 Surveyors here to let me know what you want and need. So help me give it to you. 


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The ability to enter, store, then stakeout horizontal and vertical alignments for pipes, roads, etc.

Eventually with the ability to setup templates and roads (corridors) then stake the same by pcode.

Good luck on your project!


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