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Did you know that you could create your own *.WAV file commands to use in Survey Controller?

Do you need a refreshing change of pace or some cheap entertainment while performing your day to day survey obligations? Not to distract you from your daily tasks, but the next time you have a little down time you can make your own "notification" library *.wav file commands for use in Survey Controller.


To launch the voice recorder in the field on the TSC2 select the FN and ESC keys, include the folder location where you want to originally store your new *.wav messages. Next select record "the red dot in the lower left corner", say the command into the TSC2 keypad, select stop "the square box icon", and then select the green arrow to replay the message. Once satisfied with your messages close the recording window.

On the TSC2 navigate to the original Survey Controller wave file location which is stored under - Program files\Survey Controller\Languages\English. Find the file that you want to replace, for example "out of tolerance". I always save the original files by renaming them (ex. Eng_outoftol_orig) just in case I ever want to go back, but you could always just reinstall the language packs again from the CD to solve this as well. Navigate back to your newly created message for out of tolerance, rename your new *.wav file to the exact same name as the existing file (ex. Eng_outoftol), and copy your new "command" into the language library folder location - Program files\Survey Controller\Languages\English. Now the next time you are out in the field and an out of tolerance instance occurs; you'll hear something like "man you ain't even close" or whatever you've deemed as an appropriate message for this task.


The TCU controller lacks the ability to make sound recordings in the field, since it's lacking a built in microphone and therefore new voice recordings for this device will need to be done in the office and then transferred to the TCU in question.

Don't worry it's still simple enough to do, but does take a bit more work to achieve. On a laptop in the office launch a voice recording program, for example Microsoft Sound Recorder. This can be found through Start\Programs\Accessories\Entertainment\Sound Recording. Launch the application, click on the record icon (red dot), speak into the built in microphone on the laptop or an external microphone if you prefer, select the stop icon when finished, and then review your new message (via the play icon) to ensure it meets your standards.

Once satisfied with the message save it to a folder location (of your choice) on your computer. Remember from my previous example, you will need to name the file exactly the same as the existing notification/message you want to replace or overwrite. If the out of tolerance message is the one you want to replace then name your new message (created above) "Eng_outoftol.wav". Again, I recommend saving your original sound recordings by Crystal, but then again that's up to you? After creating your new *.wav files you're ready to transfer them over to your TCU, connect the TCU to the PC via Active Sync, and copy your new notification/command/message into the language library folder location - Program Files\Survey Controller\Languages\English.

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  • Thanks for providing us with that interesting information. I think we have to get this software sooner or later. I suppose it's not only entertaining but also helpful and facilitating to work with voice commands.
    • yes it you can also attach a picture to each point you shot as well. At this pace of growth and change in 10 years everything will be mapped already! LOL
  • haha!

    yes we have used this, you can just upload mp3s too as the recording on the handheld makes it sound a bit like it's coming through the radio..
    we had nicknamed our trimble 'tiffany' and she has gotten a bit dirty lately :)
    • Oh no to funny I have not tried it yet but this fall i will try it. keep Tiffany in line....
      • Yeah, we wanted to find a group of them that were a woman's voice getting dirty, but no woman was ever willing to record it and nothing existed, so we were out of luck .. we thought of proposing it to a porn star, but thought it might get a little expensive there. Staking with a woman talking to you passionately, the words "In" and "Out" become quite the entertainment :) Of course, it would slow production when whoever is using it the first time keeps walking to and from the gun all day ...
This reply was deleted.

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