Hello friends,
My R8 reciever suddenly powered off while operating on in the field, after poweing it on again, the bluetooth connexion lost and the device can't no longer be found when searching it with the DC.
Any idea??

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reboot. 9/10 times on a TSC3 rebooting solves the blue tooth connection issue.

@Jon, Thanks, Unfortunatley not for me.

I have a base station and rover both R8 Model 1's.  I have a TSC2 Data Collector.  The following is the issue I am having.

I am having this same problem though it is very intermittent.  Some days it will connect with no problems.  One day I spent ten hours rebooting the TSC2 and Base station about every 15 minutes.  I came back the next morning and it connected with zero problems.  It went for about a week and never had a problem.  Then one morning I spent about 5 hours trying to get it to connect with no success.  I came back after lunch and it connected no problem.

I have tried powering everything down (the base, the rover and actually powering off the TSC2) and leaving them off for about 5 minutes.  Then I would do a hard reset on the base station (holding the power button down for about 30 seconds as seen in this video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHJp6Yfrcss&feature=youtu.be )  Letting the base completely set up and get ready.  Then powering up the TSC2 and trying to connect.  The TSC 2 cannot find the base in the blue tooth configuration screen when I try to make a new pairing.  It will not connect through the old setting either.  

Previously I have tried to delete the base station and make a new pairing.   When I did this it could not find anything to connect to at all.  So, I turned on the blue tooth on my phone and it could find that but not the base.  I had the phone about 20' feet away.  The base station was about 5 feet away.  That same day after lunch, after rebooting the base about 10 times the TSC2 finally found the base and let me re-pair them.

I am almost 100% positive that the blue tooth module in the Base station is going out.  When using the TSC2 I can connect to the Rover and my phone but not the base.  After rebooting the base station X+Y(/Z) times I can eventually reconnect to the base.

I do not have any cables to connect to the Base to attempt to use WinFlash.  I know the Firmware in the base is WAY out of date (I just started working with this company and I do not think anyone has ever updated the firmware in the base, rover or the TSC2.)  Any suggestions on what I can do?


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