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Surveyor PRE-PROGRAMMED HP 35S ($164.99) & HP33S ($99.99)NCEES APPROVED!http://www.ncees.org/Exams/Exam-day_policies/Calculator_policy.phpHaving problems getting ready for the NCEES Surveyors Exam because your calculator is not on the NCEES approved list? Try the pre-programmed HP35S or HP33S with Surveying and COGO programs. WARNING: The HP33S has been discontinued by HP as of 01/22/2012, so get them while supplies last. If you are familiar with basic survey calculations and COGO routines you will be able to solve problems with these programs even if you are not familiar with using HP calculators or RPN. Even though the HP35S and HP33S are both an Algebraic and an RPN mode calculator, these programs are written for RPN mode, and it is not recommended to switch between the two modes while using the programs. Again experience with RPN is not necessary to run these programs, because all you need to do is input data in the correct format and record the answers that return. FUTHERMORE, I WILL ENTER THEM FOR YOU SAVING YOU HOURS OF YOUR TIME. The HP335S has about 2000 lines of code to enter for all programs to work properly, which takes about 5 hours to enter for the inexperienced.LIST OF PROGRAMS CLICK ON LINK BELOW!!Click here for list of programs for the HP33S---> http://www.land-surveyor-hp33s.com/cogo-programs.phpBuy a Brand New HP35S already programmed and ready to go for $164.99 or a HP33S already programmed for $99.99. When you purchase the calculator I will email you the codes and very detailed instructions on how to use them. If for some reason you were to accidently delete them you can either enter them in yourself or have us re-enter them for you, just refer below for applicable prices. I have had many years of experience of programming, so please buy in confidence. I will accept payments using google checkout which accepts all major credit cards. Please expect to recieve your pre-programmed calculator within 7 to 10 business days depending on demand at the time.IMPORTANT: During checkout process please enter FULL address you want us to ship to.FREE SHIPPING to the US!!! SEE BELOW FOR PURCHASING

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  • Land Surveyor

    Mr. Eberth how do I go about purchasing one of these preprogrammed Hp35s? I'd love to buy one as soon as possible please sir.

  • Hi Reed,

    Just though you might like to read this Discussion at this site on the HP 35s. It could help you a lot.



  • Hi Reed,

    I have not seen any reply's back from Robert. do not have any info on him. His  Profile has no contact info.Easy Cogo maybe  next for you to look into. But their programs are higher than Roberts but may contain more.There was a Prof. at your school who was selling calculator programs but not programming them.

    But I feature a lot of surveying programs at this site, Free,more than you will use, so why not buy a HP 35 for  $60.00 and learn how to program yourself,then if you lose your programs you will know how to put them back at no cost. One of my old HP 33 just lost all the memory, all 26 programs and 7 years of equations some i did not have backed up. But I know how to rewrite any equation I need, but I wish now I would have wrote them all down. But I have not had a problem changing the batteries this time they went dead for no reason??? .So even if you buy a preprogrammed calculator this could happen to you. Then you would need someone to program it again.My next ? do you know how to use a RPN Logic calculator,this would help a lot. If not take your first steps in learning how to use a HP, in RPN mode, it will change your survey World forever. I also write macro RPN in the HP Prime but that is another story.

    It's not allowed to take your test, but the HP 35 is.If you have any ? on using any HP calculator contact me.

  • Seeking Employment


    I am interested in purchasing a preprogrammed calculator. If you could send me details as to how I can purchase one, that'd be great. I can be reached at [email protected]



  • Hi Everyone,

    Just thought I would show  another site  for HP 35s programs for those of you that are looking for them.

    Plus this will let you see how much the calculator program are worth and what a bargain you are getting here on the programs I show here. Also Robert's deal is a very good deal . Easy COGO has been around for now a good many years and they have a good reputation on their product.But here is the link so see for your self what these programs are worth.And any you get here are worth just as much.


    And here is a updated calculator policy.


    Easycogo for the HP 35s
  • Hi Everyone, Some of you have email me about programming your calculators.

    I am not in the business of programming calculators.I will however help you anyway i can with ? on how to or problems you encounter. There is a lot of my programs and others FREE at this site, I showed them here for those who like to use and to promote the use of calculators and for students who must use them. I have showed over 100 surveying programs for the HP 35s alone, some in Spanish also. I am always writing new programs plus I have many more to show. But I am not set up to buy and load programs and to ship to you a new calculator.  If you like to , Show your appreciation then give me a Shout back or donate to this site or both ,you will be helping yourself. Like i said if you can contact Robert,he maybe able to help you if not, you can buy this calculator at many places then you can learn how to program it yourself. I can help with that and how to use a RPN calculator.


  • Hi Everyone,

    This is what i like to here,someone wanting to use a Calculator. Hey Guys and Girls,you can buy a Hp 35s at many places. from HP .com to Walmart to Amazon  any many other retail stores. What you can not do is buy a HP 33s,they may run you as much as 300 Dollars. I have seen HP 32s for 600 Dollars. But I have seen HP 35s from 45 to 60 dollars New. So jump right in and get one it is a Deal , this calculator is now HP's only RPN logic programmable (scientific) calculator sold to day. You can also download the HP 35s Emulator for your computer ,it is and works just like the real one. This can help you in your studies. Robert may still can help you with your programs but this calculator has more programs wrote for it than or maybe more than any other calculator made todays. And I am just talking Survey Programs. It is also capable of writing three kinds of Equations that can be stored just like programs. And any other data can be stored

    there,things you need to know,lets call it a Data List. You can also make a program list to know what each program is and it stored there. I go over all of this is some of my discussion. If you need someone to program your calculator then see if you can contact Robert .

    HP for Life,


  • Land Surveyor

    I wold like to buy a calculator, where can I find one?

    [email protected]

  • Robert,

    I would like to buy a calculator. How can I purchase one?

    Michael Villa

    [email protected]

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