Solar Observation Program in spreadsheet and program for grid to geographic vice versa

Good day fellows, 

I am trying to have a program (maybe in excell/text format) for determining azimuth by solar observation with the details are listed such as set of horizontal readings, altitude, time, mean observations,corrections,hourly variations,npd,p,h,l,s,azimuth etc. 

This is needed in the submission of survey return to government agency. 

I am also trying to have the geographic to grid conversion and vice versa with the details on the tabulated figures. 

Please see the attachment as it is similar to these pictures. 

Many thanks to all! 

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 H i,Joseph.

I do not have it in Excell,so this may not be any help but may be you can use some of it.

it has a lot of Information that you can use.programs from Two calculators,I also have a third.

This includes how to do It,Plus a star shot during the Day,which I have never done, because of the ability to be able to see it,from where you are located,You need a very clear sky.A powerful TS,but it does work and Has more Accuracy than a Solar Observation. We are talking sec.  Solar Observations is a lost art since GPS,but they are sometimes still required on surveys. But here is this link where you will find many more. I have it for PC written in C and C++, But I will have to go through my Files to find,so maybe not.

You may also find something helpful here.

Hi Belly, 

I hope you can find and share it with me. Yes it is seldom used but our laws has never been change for more thank 30 years heheheh, rules and regulations required us to do solar observation and submit it with as part of the survey returns. Thank you br!

 Hi Joseph,  Have you done a search on the web, for Excell programs for this.

You may find some older ones too. Look here for your Grid programs. and they may have 

a Solar/Star program for a computer too, did you see the Dropbox programs at RPLS.

I do all of these on HP calculators or DC's as you could see in my Discussion.

Hi Joseph, If I can get this to work. look here or do a search at Noaa NGS. for Solar Observations.

 Hi Joseph,

There is information on all the links I gave you you need to look at all or you will miss something that you need to know. Also I like to lets you know. If I could see your notes in English, Then I could calculate your Azimuth's too. Just show me your Raw notes,before you solve them.

This would let you know if everything is correct. You need a manual for the Hp 41 CX calculator. Knowing how to type in the codes is no simple matter.

Knowing the difference on what is a name or Prompt or a command and typing each of these, which one's have to be EXQ  alpha command's because some are key commands and others are program command keys.

This calculator has 6 key boards,you are only seeing 2 of them.the Input key board and only half of the Alpha keyboard because the lower case alpha is on the back of the calculator.  So this is no easy matter. This calculator also has indirectly accessing memory key board that indirectly addressing registers above 99 ,this is called IND in this calculator also IDAM or short IAM on others,but it's first name was IND this was for Indirect.

 Have you tried the RPLS page they are through working on the site.

I think you can view without signing in, but this page has a email address

form one of the members he says that he has the excel spreadsheet for this calculation and gave his email. You could check with him. the email may still work.

If you can not view this page let me know. the member is jlwahl read what he says.

The Sokkia Book is most important, look how they keep the field notes,Getting the correct time,your stop watch readings and UT1 time known as Leap seconds adjustment value. Best time of the day to do this and all the other data you need to do this. Also there are HP 41CX Emulators for phones,tablets or pads and even one on a laptop,same program on a PC"s can be taken to the field. But keeping field notes is also important,so it does not matter where you calculate it .It is just convenient to do it in the field, if you need this Azimuth to keep working.

Keep me in touch and if you need some help on the calculator.

Hi Billy, 

I visited rpls website and found some old dos base program and in 32 bit. It doesnt work to windows 7 64bit. 

 No Joseph,

That is not it, I saw that too. This is excel spreadsheet.Since he posted his on email address, I will give it to you his member name is jlwahl ,look and you will find his post.

his email,

PS [email protected]

Discussion in 'Surveying & Geomatics' started by Gerry PenaAug 18, 2014.

Solar Observation Program

My GPS conked on me during a survey so I had to use solar observations to determine the azimuth of survey. Upon reaching the office, I could not find the software that I use to compute the azimuth. Apparently last time I used it was maybe before 2008! Since then my PC has changed & reformatted several times & I may have missed backing the software up.

Any of you guys recommend a freeware? I recorded the time, hor angle & vertical angle of the 4 sides of the sun.


I have an excel spreadsheet to compute hour angle. One version automatically provides ephem data for this current year.

If interested, shoot me an email.

PS [email protected]

He last logged in in june 16,2016

 See if you contact  him,first, if not, I will try since i am a member.

Hi Billy, 

Successfully sent a message to him. Thank you.

 Hey joseph ,

I tried, but we might still find some yet. I will see what I can find out.

you would think that someone would have this in excel. I am a member to a lot of computer programming site too. There was also a site for on line calculation

also,but if you learn how to do it on the 41 this is still possible. I tried to make you my associate ,but can not get it to work for along time, you can try,then we would have better access to talk to each other. I am still looking.

Hi Joseph,There is a way to do this,if you have no other way.You can download a HP 41cx calculator Emulator and Enter my program on it. Then your problem is solve ,you would have a HP41 Cx calculator on your computer if you think you can enter this program on it. you would have to have every thing else. A sun Filter for your TS,a accurate watch and the Celestial  Observation handbook and Ephemeris for 2017.

The hard part would be entering the program.I do not know if you have used a RPN calculator before

and this program is alphanumeric RPN  programming. Casio has a Hour Angle program too,but I do not know where you would find it,If you use Casio calculators. But having a HP 41 CX on your computer is a plus anyway even if you do not do this.This short version is 132 lines AZ011.

Good day Billy, 

Where can I download HP41cx calculator and your solar computation program? Thank you so much.


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