Good day fellows, 

I am trying to have a program (maybe in excell/text format) for determining azimuth by solar observation with the details are listed such as set of horizontal readings, altitude, time, mean observations,corrections,hourly variations,npd,p,h,l,s,azimuth etc. 

This is needed in the submission of survey return to government agency. 

I am also trying to have the geographic to grid conversion and vice versa with the details on the tabulated figures. 

Please see the attachment as it is similar to these pictures. 

Many thanks to all! 

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  •  Hi Joseph I am going to try this one one time. This is MS Works spreadsheet. and the other in word pad.

  •  Hi Joseph I am going to try this one one time. This is MS Works spreadsheet. and the other in word pad.

  •  Hi Joseph, Just wanted to make sure you had these links.This is the Book if you have not found it. The program is also in this book with Instruction and notes. But mine are easier to read. This program is a very advanced program this is Saturn alphanumeric RPN,programming,good luck This is a big jump if you never used a RPN calculator,because this is the most advanced made. I believe I can help you through it.

    But this book data is 2008 so you will need 2017 data only, everything else is good.

    The one's  below has books and N O Time and alot more. look at all of it

    Plus Greenwich mt

    Here are some more links on UT1

    Elgin, Knowles and Senne, Inc.Sokkia Handbook
  •  Hi Joseph ,

    I was looking thru some of my older files, and found these, thought you might like to see them.

    I put them in PDF., so there easy to open.

  •  Hi Joseph,First where did you download  it some version that have the Survey Pac lose memory when you turn off ,or close out the program. This keeps you from copying the programs that are wrote in ROM encryption  because you can copy them and save them in two different place then exit the survey pac. This then lets you see the program without encryption. That is why they do this.  Make sure the calculator can close out and reopen without saying Memory Lost. You can have both on your computer one to run the survey pac,and one for your own programs, but that is, if you want one with the survey pac. The PAC has  a lot of good survey programs. so maybe later.

    I used this one from it is Warren Furlow's, If you think the one you have is good,then keep it.

    The programs are in the link I gave you that has the 2008 handbook. you need it because it gives you instruction and examples on how to used this program.  I how every also show my version, AZSUN ,the algorithms are the same as in AZ011 they are basically the same program some alpha notation is different but it is the same algorithms,so you get the same answer, They have both been tested.

    you will find mine and it is easier to see in my Discussion on page 2 the last reply Oct 8,2016 . The link is at the bottom of this reply.

     I also have AZ009 which is the longer version of this program but it is 50 miles from where I live.. I have been meaning to go there and get it and some other material, just have not done it yet. But this one will work.You have to run each Observation one at a time ,my other programs you can take 6 readings and it averages them for you and the calculator keeps the time and angles, you remove the bad before this,but AZ011 will work just as good ,you removed the bad, if any, then average them yourself plus you will be keeping time yourself on a watch so you need the real calculator to use AZ009. So read this discussion

    and look at all the links and you will need all the 2017 info,some of the links I gave you give the information for this year. But lets get this program to work first and you doing the examples in the 2008 book. I already give you this link. Joseph there are a lot of Emulators you could be using on your computer the HP 35s and the HP 50 g the 50 g you can get  Jacob Wall SGS  survey programs

    it works like a Data collector he has 3 kinds of programs Cogo LT is Free. You can have all these calculators on your computer Free and if you never used RPN and RPL OSs here is your chance to learn

    how to use them. There are tons of survey programs for them.

    here is this link again

    • Hi Billy, 

      I downloaded the it on the same link on your message above.  Thank you and now I have to study it. I'm still hoping that spreadsheet format for solar computation by tangent quadrant method will be available soon. Sorry late reply. 

      • Hi Billy,

        I visited this site below and found out that there is a program for solar computation but it is no longer available on this site. The program ASTRO*CARD. 

        Elgin, Knowles and Senne, Inc.Sokkia Handbook
  • Hi Joseph,There is a way to do this,if you have no other way.You can download a HP 41cx calculator Emulator and Enter my program on it. Then your problem is solve ,you would have a HP41 Cx calculator on your computer if you think you can enter this program on it. you would have to have every thing else. A sun Filter for your TS,a accurate watch and the Celestial  Observation handbook and Ephemeris for 2017.

    The hard part would be entering the program.I do not know if you have used a RPN calculator before

    and this program is alphanumeric RPN  programming. Casio has a Hour Angle program too,but I do not know where you would find it,If you use Casio calculators. But having a HP 41 CX on your computer is a plus anyway even if you do not do this.This short version is 132 lines AZ011.

    • Hi Billy, 

      Can I have your program so that I will begin to encode the program in the HP41 CX?

      •  Hi Joseph, I just went and look at my program AZSUN , because I was comparing it with a older one for a HP41C and it is corrupted, I do not know how this has happen.  When I looked at it the other day for you, I use it to program a real calculator there was nothing wrong with it.  Now it is all mess up. ??? Give me time to fix it. I will talk to Justin about this.

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