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We bought 3 of these using MAGNET software running with Windows 10 OS. They run robots great but GPS we have an older GRX1 and newer GHC1? (the new small unit). It works great about 2/3rds of the time then you get to next job....we use Florida DOT CORS Network utilizing hotpots and phone hotspot connections. The green wave bars indicating "radio" connection appear as normal, then after 5-10 seconds they disappear indicating loss of signal. 10 seconds later, they reappear then disappear obviously in a cycle.

We typically restart/reboot data collector/instrument and hotspot and try again. Sometimes it will finally work after 2 or 3 reboots, but sometimes not. We have disabled all unnecessary programs/apps running and we only allow Win 10 to "update" outside of working hours. This has been going on for months and is very time consuming when it happens. Sokkia support ideas helped but have not eliminated the problem.

Has anyone else had this problem and figured it out? Thanks, TIm

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  • Hi,

    Had a similar problem on the 5000,

    'DropBox Files' were hogging too much space in Windows 10.

    Cleaned out data files and have had no further issues.


  • Hi Timothy

    In my experience, this issue could solved with a complete Win10 restore (damn ...!).

    Even if You disabled all executables (except Magnet ...), the system requires a lot of low-level process that You can't control or check. Particularly the network services, that are strictly necessary for the connection with CORS provider. 

    An alternative way could be run an utility checking the Windows registry and system process, to find eventually malware or other issues. 

    Good luck!

    Carlo Alberto

    • Thanks very much. We are getting close to having to resort to full restore....we actually bought ANOTHER unit this week...same exact problem already. We did install latest version last week...have already identified 4 new "bugs" in version 5 magnet......sigh......

      Have a great day, Tim

      • Dear Tim,

        it's very strange ... Now I suggest You a brief test (surely, You just made it, but ...)

        Can You try a new connection with other GPRS provider and different CORS network?

        Last question: does your SHC5000 have the 4G-LTE option? If it has, have You try the connection with internal modem?

        Keep in touch. Bye!

        Carlo Alberto

  • Have you updated the firmware in each receiver? Similarly, are you running the latest rev. of MAGNET? Quite often, the kit doesn’t want to play nicely without older versions of firmware and/or software.
    • Thanks Kevin..we updated software but not firmware.....we will try that next, thanks ,Tim

  • Party Chief

    Hmm... until someone else comes along with a better idea, i have attached the manuals for you.... hope it helps a bit..

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