Seeking Surveyors who have Computer Programming skills.

Our Organization is at the early stages of development of an Open Source Survey-Civil Engineering Project, which will be designed for and by Surveyors.

The code name for the project is MIT.  MIT were the developers of the first COGO package, CEAL COGO, by Professor Charles L. Miller.

This package will be the projects guiding light.

More on this topic later.

Good Day,

Joseph C. O'Connor

Project Leader, Coordinator

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An interesting news ... I'll follow it!

Carlo Alberto

Hello Carlo:

I reply again on account I sounded too much like a Sales Scam.  Sorry about it.  That view only hurts me.  Not Good.

Everything will be Free and Open Source, or very inexpensive.  I will provide buying leads for inexpensive Hardware and Free Software.

Thanks Again.

Joseph O'Connor


Above Letter to a local Business Person and CEO, should help lay the ground rules we are working with in this effort.

Thank you for your interest. Any one that chooses to work on this project will be working on the most advanced Open Source Development environment for COGO, Coordinate Geometry and Civil Engineering.

Made up of Domain Specific Language tools on the market, including Opne Source. Open Source is now the only development being advanced by the Development Market/Industry. Proprietary Software is a failure.

Open Source is now Steamrolling along very well.

Domain Specific Language tools:

xtext language
Eclipse IDE
xtend language
intelliJ Idea Editing
Antlar Tooling
Parsers and much more.

Our Domain Development Site is:
Site underdevelopment at my hosting company. If you would like to move to my hosting environment, please reply, extremely cost effective.

Return on Investment will be significant.

Join the MIT COGO Domain Specific Language Project. ASAP.

No cost, just profit and your time. We know time is money. Go with a Win-Win, not Microsoft Windows and AutoCAD.

Joseph O'Connor,
Project Lead Co-ordinator


This indeed is a welcome development. If I may ask, which programming platforms do you have in mind? Are you looking for C/C++, or Java, or Python, or web developers?

Best Regards


Felix, the Platforms are not important in and of themselves.  They all have the same underpinning functions and objectives.  There differences are largely cosmetic. The principles are the same.

I hold that if you know a language or a platform, expansion on that is pretty easy.  They can largely interchanged at the end.

I am doing a seminar May 2nd.  Remind me to get you the information from that Seminar.

I will attach the first attemt at Outlining that Seminar for your information.  I hope to get my Website up and running to do seminars on the Internet via the Moogle Interactive Virtual Learning Environment.

Best Regards,


Joseph O'Connor

Website Underdevelopment at:

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Mr. O'Connor,

I don't know if my programming skills are good enough to be of help but I am very interested. I have become very disgruntled with the offerings available. I have been in need of replacing my old software for quite some time now but it has been on the back burner for too long. It still works fine but it is no longer supported & I have problems converting & exporting drawings.I need a program that will export a drawing as a PDF &/or DWG. I don't use AutoCAD.

It is difficult to perform technical calculations on a platform designed for social networking & eCommerce. I have tried to find something that will run on other operating systems but there isn't much out there. 

Thank you,

Charlie Aycock, PLS

Hello Charlie:

Thanks so much for a reply.

Trust me Charlie the options are endless when you go Open Source Software.  Proprietary Software is very limited when it comes to tools, Developing Software.   By any Surveyor or Business Person it should be an absolute last resort.  Loads of use need help and offer help.  For it is giving in which we receive. 

I'll Send you a copy of a letter I sent to a Local Business Person and CEO.

It gives a rough Outline of a Seminar I am giving in 2  weeks, Wednesday May, 2nd.

It's a first effort to put the Seminar on, in a Pointed offering.


Thank You much for working with this discussion at this time.  WE will get more concrete actions going in future.  The Seminars will be monthly,  To be on my Website for Junes production.


Joseph O'Connor

I have written COGO programs for the HP41, HP42S and HP48SX. I adapted the HP48SX program for data collection for my TOPCON GTS-3B. I have the ability to learn any program language. My COGO includes very field friendly functions for translate/rotate and compass adjustment. I developed this COGO while working in the field, editing it as needed for specific tasks. If you feel that you could use my unique talents, feel free to contact me at 239-494-7463 or [email protected]


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