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So......I've been working in this business for a few decades.  I've been a member of a 4 man crew, 3 man crew, most typically a 2 man crew, and now, for the last 10 years, a one man crew.

Robots and GPS have been around for enough time that they are both considered "conventional".

My question.........Is a one man crew truly efficient?

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Its not only your view Billy its mine to. We do what we think is best in everything we come across. That comes with experience. You find out what you can and cant do alone.

When I started surveying, it was a 4 man crew. Rear chainman, head chainman, instrument operator and a party chief. Then the distomat came about. eliminated one man. Then we got a geodimeter 600 robot. Eliminated yet another. Now with 3D scanners, advances in robotics, GPR, unmanned lidar and the like, they have us investing in ungodly amounts of equipment and cutting our fees. Progress? I ask you.

We do sometime use one man crew for our work.  However, the real truth (I think) is this:  Topo and Earthwork surveys, one man is fine.   Stakeout, you definitely need at least two to be efficient and not physically wear down.

Boundary is a different animal.  In fact every boundary survey I have ever been on is a unique animal.  You can certainly complete it (most times) with one man.  However, I need all the help I can get.  It is interesting to recall that observations by my help, sometimes even new people, has sent me in the right direction to solve a boundary mystery.

For safety concern, we should probably always have two people.

You know that answer. Not a problem at all on your own ya just have to know what your doing. Times you do need a team mate to help. But you know the answer. Some of us mostly work alone gets more done in a day that a 3 "person" crew. Im new to this robot stuff but finding more with what we have now everyday just how much I can get done right by myself.

Disagree....a two man crew can accomplish more than a one. I've proved it time and time again. The only issue I see is management thinking a robot or GPS solves everything. A one man crew has to work harder than a two man crew. Traversing is a hell of lot harder and the one man has to carry everything all in one shot...or make multiple trips. While a one man seems like a good solution...it's not the best...and someone mentioned safety as I did.

Rob I don't type things right, not good with a keyboard please forgive. Its just pretty much how have always worked. Been surveying since I could walk more or less. Its just over the years have had so many "team mates" here one day gone the next you just adapt and do what needs to be done. With a company now still learning robots,gps. You are right needing help I know that. I have help when needed its just something I'm not used to.

WE NEVER USE A ONE MAN SURVEY CREW FOR 2 very important reasonsS
1. It is unsafe, one person can have an accident, health issue etc.
2. it does not allow for training, surveyors are few and far between
around here.
It's going to be more and more "standard" to be one man as cost is always the issue... even though 2 man crew is BETTER ! I've been running as a one man crew for most of the last 20 years.
It would be nice to run as a two man crew more often.
We run 1 man crews all over the UK, is it efficient? The answer mostly depends upon the surveyor... We have them in all shapes and sizes and abilities... The only constant is the instrument itself!
We have guys that can survey quickly one man through anything, such as woodland and not have any issues.
It's a lonely job now!
The only time we would switch to two man would be if they were near /in water or other problem environment or if it's an are where you can't leave 30k sitting on its own!

I would like to see you in the middle of Angola, Congo or Mozambique working alone.


with the gps rtk, and if you are surveying little sites a one man crew is ok, but for more bigger sites is overwelming, i mean you can still do the work but the ideal is a two men crew, for everithing, from security to easyness, at least thats what i think, but, sometimes the bosses doesn´t look things that way, as someone says, "Money rules".






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