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Problem: Say I have Control Points 1, 2, and 3 and I have Calculated Points 5000-5005. My Control points were shot on a local coordinate system, but I need everything to be on a specific coordinate system. I have the correct coordinates for Control point 1 in a file and I have Leica Infinity software. Can I, using Leica Infinity, shift Point 1 to the new coords. and then holding that, rotate all of the other points to the new azimuth? So let's say my old basis of bearing was Point 1 backsight Point 2. I want my new azimuth to be the same but with Point 1 having the new coords. Does anyone have step by step instructions for this? I saw the Leica training video on Shift, Rotate, Translate, but it doesn't cover my situation. 

Thanks for any assistance on this.  

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  • hi i need  this software can you send it to me 


  •  Hi Heidi, 

    I do not use this software,so i am a little lost at what your trying to do with it. You also say you want to hold the Bearing  from 1 to 2 on the control points,so the bearings are not going to change. This software (shift point 1) , does it not move all the other points in your point list. Next why are you having to rotate, your calculated points ,do they not relate to your control points, in the beginning before you shift. And is there a scale factor between these two systems.  It would help if you could show some of this are at lease the coordinates or a example of coordinates of what you are doing. Because if your moving all your points to different coordinates and your holding the bearing between 1 and 2 ,1 is your rotation pt or translation pivot in both,  when you shift 1,2,3 and the other points the bearings will not change,that is my point. You are simply just shifting all the points. If i understand what you are doing.

    Hope this helps.


  • Land Surveyor
    I dont know that software but it should have basic COGO functions. You would translate your local base point that you want to hold positionally, then apply the change to only the points in your local system. The you would rotate about that held point from original (local) to known (calc), ie in the boxes where it asks for points or bearings use "1,2" then check out of the box for the bearing to load, then for the set you rotate to use your "5000,5001" or whatever points youre using
    • Land Surveyor

      Thanks for responding. I know how to do that in CAD. Infinity doesn't have a very intuitive interface unfortunately. 

  • Land Surveyor

    You can do this in the Leica software by modifying the reference and applying the rotation. The real question is if you paid that little extra to be able to do it with your license (as with all leica products). I'm not an expert, but I've done what you're discussing for a client that needed data brought to State Plane. It was fairly simple, but I couldn't offer a step by step.

    Personally, I do this in a CADD program. If you're a Microstation user, you can do this in under a minute. I can give you a step by step that way.  

    • Land Surveyor
      Leica Cyclone is what we use for scanning, but eventually it all leads to CAD at one point because almost every client in the United States requires AutoCAD or Microstation.

      I'll be at the Hexagon Conference in 2018 if you'd like to share knowledge sometime. I've been trying to get ideas on better workflows for laser scanning since we've gone mobile.
    • Land Surveyor
      Ask your dealer for help on this. Most of them can walk you through the corrections you're trying to do and they'll know if your license covers it. Typically, Leica will grey out options that you want to use or it will show you on license manager.

      I don't know your business, but infinity was a very expensive solution to do what you're doing. I'd seriously recommend a CAD program instead. Most of them work with Raw Data just fine.

      We have the software because we do static survey control networks for LIDAR.
      • Land Surveyor

        That's a good idea. Thanks. We do have CAD and use it already for everything, but my boss has been told that Infinity is easy to use and a fun new toy with bells and whistles, so he really likes the idea of using it. We want to start offering clients Scanning services soon too and he thinks Infinity will be the best tool to process that data. It's been put to me to learn how to use it for everything. I'm not particularly fond of anything by Leica, but I have to get used to it. Thanks again for responding! 

    • Land Surveyor

      Thanks for responding! My boss wants to eventually do all of our data management in Leica Infinity, so I need to become an expert at it. How can I see if I have the full license? 

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