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Evening Guys and Girls,


I have been surveying for over 20 years now but mainly internal measured building surveys. I have always used Leica total stations but only for odd shaped buildings, elevations and small topos (only one or two set-ups). Any large topo surveys, I have always used a Leica GPS rover.

My problem is (and this will be Surveying 101 for the majority of you.!) I am now starting to carry out larger, more complex topos with the total station but do not have the knowledge to tie the different set-ups into a single job.

I am using a Leica TS06 and need a button-by-button guide to setting up stations and backsights.

Is this too much of an ask or can anyone help me out please.?

Thanks in advance..!

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  • Here are a few helpful videos on the Leica TS06 and you can find a training manual here inside the Leica Support Hub..hope this helps..



  • Is your profile correct? You say you are a Survey director with 26 years experience?
    You can't possibly need a guide to setting up stations and backsights.
    Is this a real question?
    • Fair question Dean.!
      I have had a long and successful career carrying out measured building surveys so have had no real need for the topo side. The main reason I joined the site was for help and advice in this area.
      • Ian,

        I haven't used on-board data collection in many moons, but I hope the attached .pdf helps.  I prefer almost any data collector (DC) to running on-board, especially Leica's on-board setup.  You can purchase awesome DC's for less than $3000 anymore; cheap compared to the headaches of collecting on your TS.

        Here is a link to the online manual:  Leica TS 06 Manual

        I am always happy to help other surveyors, no matter their level of experience.  However, you did kinda open up a can of worms; if you really do have 26 years experience, you might want to be careful on what you post/ask.  Total Station setup really should be like falling of a log to a seasoned professional....

        I haven't used onboard data collection in many moons, but I hope the attached .pdf helps.


        Steven W. Carper

        WA PLS 49274
  • No offense, Ian. But I can do that work in my sleep. But, do you think I can find a job?! Hell no!
    • Party Chief

      have you tried the Surveyor Jobs Board?

      Land Surveyor Jobs Board - Post Surveying Jobs / Find Jobs in Surveying
      🔥 Surveying Jobs Board Global hosted by Land Surveyors United Community. This is the first ever internationally crowdsourced Surveying Jobs Board. Yo…
    • Sorry to hear that, not good.! Have you tried the TSA job site Kevin.?
    • Can't find work?  Wow - not so much about WHAT you know as WHO you know....  Tons of work in the US for qualified surveyors, especially offshore!  If you need some connections over here, I might be able to help!

  • Yikes!  Cheers on your 20 years, but you need a mentor!!!  Cheers on Leica Total stations, as well - best in the business!!!!!!

    I'm training another carpenter on-site and just wrote instructions for a Leica TS12 Robot, based on running MicroSurvey Field Genius on a field tablet.  Are you running the TS06 on-board or with a data collector?

    • This is the response I was looking for, cheers Steven.! I am running on-board, then through LSS into AutoCAD.
      A copy of the instructions would be fantastic please.
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