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High rise stakeout using GPS ???

Can I do High rise stakeout (ftgs,cols,walls,slabs)using the latest GPS machine (which brand?) and obtain the same accuracy (+/- 5mm)of a Total station?

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  • two of my friends are working at ground zero,one is doing tower four  and one is on the freedom tower, they are working for the steel erector, they have been using  gps,   the General contractor has there own surveyor's,  they are using traditional  skyscrapper ( or high rise surveying  procedure's , throwing the lines up from the street and also bucking in on target's( on other building')s.                        

                          They were usually hitting each others lines pretty good  (no more than .05 difference)  however , It's getting tougher and tougher ( once you get above 700feet).   I know their up much higher on the freedom tower now.  if you have a good gps  system, you should be able to do the job,  

    • try my method for high rise building it will works well

      • Hi Kadmous El Khatib.

        How is that?.

  • Hello Antonio,

    Thanks for your reply. In my reply on April 29 I wanted to share a document that I believe can be the answer about this question, the name of the document is correct but I didn't put the link. This is the link

  • Hi, I just want to share this doc.

    "Advanced Surveying Control Services for Building the Vertical Cities.

    Joël VAN CRANENBROECK, Switzerland"

  • I'll try.

    With my Robotic Total Station I can place on the ground: footings, Columns, walls...; on the forms: slabedges, cols, walls.... everything with good accuracy (5 mm more or less). My question:

    Can I do the same with the latest GPS machine?. Thanks for asking.

    Ivan Barrera

  • Party Chief

    perhaps you should be more specific

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