Anyone experience with the Geomax zoom 90?? I used to work with a Sokkia SRX3 total station but after 10 years it has to be replaced. 

The price of the geomax is much cheaper than for example Topcon, or Trimble but is the equipment reliable?

Looking forward to your replies.

Greetings from Belgium.

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Never worked with a zoom 90 but my experience with a zts620 was quite impressive. It was reliable as any other and a lot cheaper.

Thx José

Geomax is an offshoot of Leica. You will have to update all your prisms unless you adjust the prism constants in the gun and possibly the data collector. Try to stay with a gun that is 0 or -30. Less investment if you do the prism adjustments.

Thank you Rob

The zoom 90 is basically a TS15. If you are using a leica collector, you might not be able to connect with it though I was unable to do so with a CS 15. If you are updating your collector too just get a surveyor 2 and they will work flawlessly together. I am not a giant fan of the survCE program, but it works well with the geomax

Thank you Brendan

Dear Sir,

         As a supplier of all these equipment and to my best knowledge it is better for you to buy Sokkia or Topcon instrument as they are better in their construction(internal quality of EDM,main board,etc) rather than Geomax.

Thank you Pranam;

Yesterday I ordered a Topcon GT 503 to replace my broken Sokkia SRX3

We're a Geomax dealer, so I'm not going to pretend that this is a totally unbiased account, but the fact is that the Zoom90 is exactly the same as the Leica TS15 - literally the only difference is the colour (and the price!). Geomax and Leica are both owned by Hexagon so share manufacturing, R & D etc. on a lot of their equipment.

So, the great thing about the Zoom90 is it's tried-and-tested as the TS15, and is open source so you can choose controller and software that suits you, whether its Field Genius, Carlson or X-Pad. We sell mostly X-Pad with Android tablet as it's very intuitive. Anyway, probably a bit late to the party with this info - but felt I had to defend the honour of the Zoom90 - it's a great instrument, and really reliable in our experience!


Were you able to get enough information about the GeoMAX Zoom 90? I have a Trimble S6 and I am thinking about trading it in because the software update is so expensive. 

Let me know what and why you decided to buy if it was not the GeoMAX Zoom 90.




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