Dear Surveyors

I am writing to consult you this:

I am experiencing a problem, I have a Trimble receiver 5700,
which gives a lag in the date, year 1998.

I've understood that I must update the firmware version to 2.32.

Software support expiry: February, 2003

Since the firmware expired a few years ago, the firmware
requires a reinstatement fee.

someone has the cost of the firmware update?



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hello Alex

upgrading the firmware of a Trimble R8-2 was +/- $800 CAN last year

expensive but the receiver works correctly since 


Or you could just download the fixdat program for free if you are doing post processing.

Maintenance fees, for updates the consumer usually helps isolate, with bug reports (IMO) are ridiculous.
Get your development $ from new hardware updates, not hammering some guy using a 5700?

Age of unit might be a factor tho?

The leap second will phase out older receivers as they are realized, and corrected for.

Happy hunting on the solution. :)
I use the same and updated to 2.32 last year for free. Trimble puts out an update utility, the firmware and instructions. Google it or search Trimble. If you don’t find it before I’m back in the office I’ll send you some links.

Not quite as easy as that. It depends on when your firmware agreement date was for the receiver. With a firmware support expiry date in 2003, he's not able to load 2.32 for free - the receiver is not eligible for it. It will need to go to a dealer, and will cost.

check fix dat week, in trimble page

The same 1024 GPS week rollover problem with two my Trimble 5700 receivers. However it still works on RTK. Is it expected to continue working properly, i dont know.
For static you can use Trimble tool FIXDATWEEK to fix DAT files.

I know when this happened to us last year (we now only use them for long static observations)..... Since we always use OPUS, I took the dat file and did the regular rinex conversion in Trimble TGO.  Then opened up the Rinex file and did a search and replace using notepad,  substituting the correct day week year for the old one in the file. "Replace All"   Quick and simple!   Worked perfect. 


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