Hi Guys

Can somebody help.I am looking for the cheapest drone that covers the following among other attributes

-longest flight time

-covers an area of one million square metres

-fast in doing the survey

-high precision preferably to the centimeter


-have support in Southern Africa

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Usually quality surveying drones are not cheap... this article might get you started thinking about what is out there...

See the eBee X RTK/PPK


Else DJI Phantom 4 Pro with lots of batteries and good ground control, cheapest, with excellent results, there is now also an RTK version.

Use Agisoft or Pix4d for processing

thank you.excellent stuff

There is much to learn when trying to make 3D models from drone photography, believe me, it takes years to get good at it.  If you want to get started with this work, learn something about photogrammetry, then get a DJI or Yunnec drone, fly the site, and then upload the photos to www.mapsmadeeasy.com, they will stitch the photos together, and make the 3D model for you for a small fee.  Good Luck

Thank you

Usually, you can work with any drone imagery as long as you have good coverage and ground control. I would be more concern about using the right software to handle the data. We use Pix4D. I recommend it.


You can check the below mentioned link, though I am not sure if these guys provide support in Africa.


For Drone Image processing you can use https://www.unifli.aero/

For cad Drafting services you can try https://www.gsourcedata.com/services/cad-drafting-services

These are some of the cheap options to use especially for image processing and cad drafting.


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