Detailmeasuring for upcomming replanning of an old firemans training facility and complementary measurements for a terrain model from flightscan data. (LSU level one)

The assignment was to make complementary measurements to raise the accuracy for a terrainmodel from swedens new national heightmodel, (a database with airial laserscannings of the whole country), aswell as detailmeasure the site for a re-planning of it. (see picture below for an overview of the area).

For the assignment a Leica TS30 totalstation an a Leica 1201 GNSS with RTK was used. The GNSS where used for laying out controlpoints and, where possible, some measurements for details such as roads etc. The controlpoints was measured tree times with atleast 20 min between eachother, to get as high accuracy as possible.

The measurements for the TRM was done mostly as breaklines, lines where the ground shift significantly (i.e. goes from plain to a hill and back etc.). aswell as, where sights was limited, fan-pattern from the station in cut ways (for an example of a hill where breaklines was used, see picture below (ps. see the fox in the foreground?)).

The detailmeasuring measured roads, paths, ditches, some heights, buildings, water etc. Large ditches required some "out of the box" thinking, and ended up in the lengthening of the prismpole as seen in the picture below.

Dense forrest sometimes ment that alot of cutting and moving the station was required, but paths and roads could mostly be done anyway if established on the path or road. (see picture below).

This gave the planners a basemap from wich they could carry on planning a new use for the site and give examples of future buildings and uses.

All totalstation measurements where done as free stations, using atleast 3 of the controlpoints mentioned earlier.

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