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Hi can anyone please help. I am splitting a large cadastral layout into managable portions. After doing the initial site localisation I want to use this same localisation file for each of the portions as separate surveys without revisiting all the points used in the localisation yet starting each portion as a new job.Is this possible?

I thought of doing the localisation as a job then saving it to the pc, then renaming this file for each of the portions of 100+ plots being surveyed

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  • Simply save your .loc file and apply it next time out. You can occupy a local grid coord point or point previously surveyed while working off that .loc file. You will want to add points to your .loc file as you come across other usable points. Review residuals within your .loc file and turn off unacceptable attributes. You can apply this loc to any job file or even tell Carlson to always apply last loc.but remember that is on.  I typically take 50 samples and review to decide if I want to save new point.

    • On a side note: your DC will ask if you want to reprocess points previously surveyed. If I am happy with initial localization, I say no.

  • I hope you Saved the initial Localization file. So what you do, for each portion you will create a new job for it but you don't need to do the localization again, you just Load the Localization file you saved before. In my SurvCE i go to Equip menu - Localization - Starfire Localization - Load - then i select my Loc file and Accept
    • Dear Andrew!

         Please will  Save  the initial Localization file that you make, you need to Load   this  Localization file  like this: in   SurvCE  go to Equip menu - Localization -  Load - your  Loc file and Accept,but important is this action in Survce - File-job settings-use last job localisation! After this in every new job file you will be have your localisation , but you will do new files only in the folder where you start,don't change the folder or,if you change ,will do this actions for every new folder!

  • Andrew,

    I am not a Carlson user but in most software packages there will be an option to save the localization settings to a file and then use that file to apply those same localization settings to subsequent jobs within the same area defined by the original survey. Good luck,


  • I'm not 100% sure about v2, but what I do, is save the localization (.loc) and add that for every job I plan to use it with. I'm running v4.07 and I was doing this prior to my lataest upgrade. I haven't run into any issues yet. It should work as long as you save the control as a .crd and attach that as your control file along with the addition of the .loc.

    Hope it helps.
    • Thanks for the advice. It is greatly appreciated. 

    • Thanks for the advice. It is greatly appreciated. 

    • what Joshua says is correct. If you don't want to revisit all of the points daily, the best way is to create a permanent base station location. Often it might be using a magnetic base and securing the antenna assembly to a marked location on a roof of a porta-cabin for example. I never set my base over a mark it's what a lot of surveyors do but it's much more flexible to set it in the best place. On one job we had a set of legs planted over a mark so we could tell whether it had been tampered with or not. You can do the same by simply placing a peg. The important thing to note is that your localisation will only work if the exact same base setup is used each time! Do as Joshua says do your network calibration and check residuals on each station then save it and use it every day on every mobile setup you have. Good luck

  • Until someone comes along with a better answer, attached i have placed the SurvCE Version 2 Guide and some release notes..

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