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  • Nowadays AutoCAD Civil 3D is the one of the best and advanced software for Land Surveying.., Especially for Road Projects.
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  • There are many software but AutoCAD Civil 3D is the best 

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  • both field genius and survce are very good for data collection but for massive points stakeout both softwares take too much time for each stakeout point.angle reading not turned to zero very quickly.i prefer only for data collection.

  • There are so many types of software available to surveyors, either open source or paid download or subscription, that it boggles my mind that so many can do so much in a similar way.  What separates one from the other when a surveyor is trying to choose one?

  • Best software for land survey,topography, road, L-section, X section and quantity is Sole Professional.

    you can see more information on

  • I have an android app for basic survey calculations

    ie. close traverse , missing bearing/distance, inverse between coordinates.

    I intent to add a few more functions but keep it simple and not have a full COGO suite. Its on the android market as ultraclose.

    • sir can i have the android  app as a gift?? heheh thanks

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