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In Russia there are 3 types of app's (except  Leica,Topcon .....etc software) to equal and process measurements .Tell me please is there another apps beside Autocad Civil to work.I really want to know which apps do you use in US ,EU.Thank you.

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  • Try..... SURVEY WORD SOFTWARE. It serves any design and/or computation related well!
  • Try...... 12D MODEL ......I use it ......originate from Australia I think

    • Thanks , have you got a link to download ?
  • Have you considered opening a textbook and doing it manually?

    In many cases, it may be done using a spreadsheet like MS Excel.

    You will also learn a great deal in the process.


    • Thank you for advise , but to do it manual can every surveyor and for example it's not enough in speed of processing . I think that true surveyor of 21 century must can do this automatically. From importing raw till export to AutoCAD to draw
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