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GPS Wobbly Breaklines - has anybody encountered this?

Hi. The easiest would be to post a few images on the problem. If it has happened to anyone before they would recognize the pattern immedi…

Started by Carl Strydom

12 49 minutes ago

Mean Sea Level (MSL)

Hello All, I have a project in Alabama that is located on the south end, not very close to the coast, but close to a river connected to th…

Started by Chuck Turlington

5 1 hour ago
Reply by Kim Noblitt

Shopping GPS units

I'm beginning to shop GPS units. I've been using Trimble, but have found them to just be too expensive. While I like the equipment, there c…

Started by Jarrod Antley

24 12 hours ago
Reply by Nitesh Shrestha

Low Cost RTK Receiver - EMLID REACH RS

EMLID recently released a field ready low cost RTK receiver. EMLID website says it's ready for surveying, mapping, monitoring & robotic…

Started by Nimal Jayamaha

31 12 hours ago
Reply by Nitesh Shrestha

Deed Description - Check Lot - Maine

I am looking for a definition of "Check Lot". I have found a deed description that calls for "Check Lot #7", for example.  Can anyone defi…

Started by Garth McNally

10 on Saturday
Reply by Billy Brooks

laptop in the field

Looking for suggestions/recommendations for of a laptop/tablet to be used in the field for autocad interior drawing ,instead of using sketc…

Started by Malik

9 on Saturday
Reply by Nsikakobong

Seeking Employment

Leica TPS1100 Code list Problem

I used a TPS1100 LEICA in my previous job. And had a very large codelist so I copied all data from the SD card to use it in the future. I b…

Started by Maciej Michalak

1 Jan 9
Reply by ⚡Survenator⌁

Seeking Employment

Can I convert TPS1200 codes to TPS1100

Help can I do it?

Started by Maciej Michalak

2 Jan 8
Reply by ⚡Survenator⌁

Seeking Employment

VIP Codes for TPS1100

Does anyone have a full VIP code list for a old TPS1100?

Started by Maciej Michalak

1 Jan 8
Reply by ⚡Survenator⌁

Surface pro

Hi guys ,  Looking for recommendations on microsoft surface pro . i want to buy one and use it with autocad in field .  Do do know if its w…

Started by Malik

5 Jan 7
Reply by Kevin D. Allen


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