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By: Budi Madjmoe,

Land and Engineering Surveyors, +62813 9999 7588

Surveying is the smallest part of the science of geodesy, which studies the Earth's surface and

content therein.

Surveying can be defined as the art, technology and science measurements on the surface of the earth. Where the perpetrator (Surveyor) should be able to collect field data, conduct research, analyze and make decisions appropriate to the final target which it is responsible. Also of course Surveyor required to be able to submit their work in the form of either a written Employment Data, digital, and optical, to be used as the basis for determining the other party, and the calculation of a plan or the result of the application of a plan or design in quantity.

With the support facilities and the ability to both technical and non-technical, it is expected that surveyors can work with the maximum. Technical support and capability it will not be something that can be used if maximum is not supported by a good governance.

So a good governance is absolutely necessary to organize, Surveyor ability to produce a target. Due to the large scope of the field surveyor jobs, then we will limit the scope of Engineering Surveyors (Surveyor Engineering) were much engaged in civil projects and infrastructure.

Governance system that we define as SMS (short message instead) but short of Surveying Management Standards.

In an engineering project needs to be underlined that the task of a surveyor is the applicator design field, in terms of dimensions, (where surveying to know the dimensions of the two derivatives, namely height and position or elevation and coordinates). This is the main task of the surveyor as the guardian of the design dimensions, and accountable at every stage of the work and the end result a piece of work as outlined in the data field lapangan.Data accurate is an implementation of the design in the field that can be used as a barometer of the application design, instead compatible data field is the main capital to estimate the success of a project.

Determination of Standard Management Surveying on a project should be integrated with the project owner, which must be validated in untukkejelasan accountability because there are things that are technically and administratively.

Vision begins with digging a project aligned with the idea of ​​the project owner, the determination of Surveying Management Standards can begin. Broadly speaking, corporate governance can be defined as follows:

1. Personnel and Organizational Structure Determination Surveying Team, and introduced him to the owner of the project and their qualifications as targeted job.

2. Surveying to determine the position of team organization structure implementation of a project.

3. Make Surveying Operational Standards (SOS), a reference implementation, technical and administrative.

4. Determine the values ​​of Bench Mark. (X, Y, Z), as the basis for the main reference measurement.

5. Documentation, Inventory and Distribution Data Work Stages Results, as well as a reference work / working drawings.

6. Determining patterns of job evaluation.

7. Improvement of Human Resources.

8. Increased Personnel Welfare.


Specifies the qualified personnel into a target project can not be considered as something easy. Before determining the team members, a requirement that management or personnel will collaborate with Tim Surveying, choose who will be the leader in the team, right perogratif certainly needed here to designate who should be "Chief Surveyor" with qualifications, mastering jobs, engineering measurement, survey instruments, until of course, understand and be able to run the governance team and its function. After that, we can discuss with the candidate "Chiep Surveyor" to determine the members of the team, a good surveyor, drafter or document processing and its auxiliary field. Selection of personnel timjangan up, ignore the job specification with quality personal, technical, intelligence, or psychological. In Surveying Team ideally be filled with qualified personnel and tasks as follows:

a. Chief Surveyor:

Is the coordinator of all team members and responsible, team organization, technical and non-technical skills, intelligence, and self-control negotiations to decide the issue for the benefit of the company. Provide protection to all members of the team, as a whole, to accommodate all the needs of team members both in respect of employment or concerning the needs and welfare of all members of the team personally. Prepare all policies to support the work of the project owner. Melegalitasi field team member's decision in this case and document decisions supporting Surveyor. In prinsifnya Chief Surveyor duty support, and create policies that support the achievement of the course of the project.

b. Deputy Chief Surveyor:

Someone who is compatible support their implementation of the Chief Surveyor to be applied in day-to-hari.Dia implementation responsibility to the Chief Surveyor, and report to him the results of periodic jobs, or a Lampiri berkala.Menginventarisasi field data with the image as a reference work.

c. Surveyor:

Applicator design with technical and non-technical skills is spearheading the team, even projects. Because each stage of the work must be accounted for in real and dedicated follow and target existing design. As a team member in the front row surveyor should always report the stages of work and the work will start in the form of a validasiya Measurement Data denganpemilik implemented project (Joint Survey) and will be used to base the calculation progress and success of a project in terms of quantity.

d. Documents and stylists or drafter:

Is someone with technical ability to manage documents from the field (Measurement Data) and to monitor the validity of a working drawing can be applied dilapangan.Serta document.

e. Assistant Surveyor:

Tasks assigned to assist surveyors and surveyors in applying decision lapangan.dengan approval and full control of the surveyor. Assistant surveyor can provide input on the surveyors to resolve the problems in the field.

f. Helfer:

Assigned to assist surveyors to mobilize instrumens surveys and other supporting equipment.


To maximize employment and work in a structure Surveying Team Project, it is necessary clarity in the organization structure of the project. It is very important to know the extent to which the function of the team on the field, whether as insfector or as an applicator design.

The level of team work as an inspector on the results of the field the team deserved to be in the shade of the Department of Quality Control and account for all of the work in this department. This happens usually when teams are at the level of the project owner or prime contractor.

If the team is dedicated to applying the design directly in the appropriate field team is at the Department of Engineering. And can coordinate with the Department. QC to conduct joint inspections (Joint survey) with the appropriate authorities.

So the position of the Surveying team in a project management structure is essential to be able to describe the chain of command and accountability work, which in the end were able to work optimally because the team are in the right place and comfortable.


A good team is a team that has the character as the embodiment of the way of working to reach a target. Standardization is needed to create the character in detail which is applied in the field, but it makes it easy to control and identify each type of job.

Standardization is needed by Surveying Team, as Surveying is a science, technology and raw art, as well as having the rules in its implementation.

In Standard Operating Surveying (SOS), there are some things that all of synergy, among others.

a. Measurement Data Format.

b. Mechanism of Joint Survey.

c. Determine the level of accuracy.

d. Determination of the appropriate instrument, certification, calibration and verification.

e. Treatment Instrument field.

f. Storage and maintenance of instruments.

g. Standard equipment support.

h. Standardization marking (Marking)

i. The number of personnel in the field survey team.

j. Work reporting system.

k. Mobilization Team and Instrument.


BM values ​​are valid and accurate is very important because as a basic reference for deploying the project targets. The validity of the value of BM must be in control periodically, conducted jointly with the project owner. In one project setidaknnya one BM and Control Point (CP), which pairs. From here the next triangle mesh belt can be developed.

Once the value of BM and CP, completely accurate, it is important an official report was made to validate the values ​​of BM and CP tersebut.Bukan only major, but all Temporory Control Point (TCP) are made for the benefit of the field should be reported and tentative diregristasi by Tim Survey.Sehingga every BM, CP and TCP, the error rate can be minimized.

Before performing the development of these values, should all the teams of contractors and project owners are present to account with these values.

E. Documentation, Inventory and Distribution Data Work Tahapa Results

Future Surveyor is a surveyor who is able to present the data, the results of work that can be understood by others, sometimes not only able to present data in surveying rules but should be able to provide analysis that can be used as a reference by the other party in making decisions.

After surveying the data generated must be used in addition to others, Tim Surveying and Surveyors itself, holding the data, the same well-documented, as is the evidence of the work of surveyors, other forms of accountability in the future if there is something questionable.

Inventory and distribution of data, the team should be accounted for in writing, because after surveying the data are intellectual property, the surveyor is concerned.


Measuring results in the achievement of quality targets impossible can be done without going through a process. With the implementation of a standardized governance system (SMS), but needs to be monitored the extent to which the accuracy of the implementation. The pattern is absolutely necessary in order to evaluate ongoing and the team members were able to do with the existing rules and be able to work together, and ultimately, a conscious member of the team is able to live up to the rules and finish the target well.


A good team is a team whose members complement each other, and always encourage other members to do something better, the level of awareness among the members of the team were able to create a solid team. In addition each course can transform all its resources. In factual, increased resources should be a priority as a token of appreciation for all members of the team.

With the increasing technical and non-technical skills will certainly make it easier to achieve team targets large an organization. Surveying which is a science, have values ​​that must remain at the grindstone to improve the team.

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