Hello all,Please, can someone give me a  clue on how to carry out verticality check on a tank farm using a total station and also how to analyze the data to be able to present it to a client. 

    By Collins Iheanyi

  • Rent Equipment vs Buy Equipment?

    Fellow Surveyors, I want to hear what you think about this in our current economic climate. Do you believe you should rent the equipment you need, or purchase it outright? Tell me what you think?(Note: I wrote a recent article for Kwipped regarding this, and gave my opinion on the question. …

    By J Keith Maxwell

  • Nikon Nivo 5m Bluetooth

    Hi there guys.I bought a Nikon Nivo 5m today.And want to connect it with my cellphone and Pc via bluetooth.Ive got so far so enable both sides but now the Pc and also the phone wants a passkey to the Totalstation.How can I get that key or even change it. Ive read the user manual and tried google…

    By Ruan Korb


    I have just carried out a job with CHC X20 RTK Single Frequency, but unable to perform underlisted with the CHC Compass Post-Processing Software. I ma using it for the first time, therefore:I can't download raw field data.I can't import.I can't carry out adjustmetI can't process raw field…

    By Oluwafemi Muyideen Olaiya

  • Setting out inclined columns

    Hey guys I need some advice. I am doing setting out on a construction site and much of the stuff is just offsetting from grid lines. But now I need to setout an inclined column. Measurements provided on the drawing are for the top of column setting out at 8m at 6degrees inclination. The guys do not…

    By Killivien Sithole

  • Cloud based applications for Surveyors / survey engineers / geomatic professionals

    Dear Fellows,Greetings!!The purpose of this thread is to start a healthy discussion about the applications/tools/utilities needed by a survey professional as a cloud/online application. Some fellows suggested the following tools to be developed and make available to survey professionals as online…

    By Imran Anees

  • Finding disturbed control points

    Hello Mr Billy any my friends i have 5 control points two of them get disturbed about 5 mm .but the problem is i don t know exactly which bench mark get distributed how can i found out ,which bench mark is actually get disturbed.


  • Which is Best Software for Topographic Survey using LEICA TCRP1203?

    Hello Surveyors, I am new to LEICA TCRP1203 total station and I want to do a Topographic Survey and I don't know which program in the Total station can I use to do the Topo survey?

    By Timothy Watato

  • GPS RTK Engineer from Tersus GNSS

    Hello all,I am a GPS RTK engineer from Tersus GNSS. Tersus GNSS is a start-up company from Switzerland who make least expensive, reliable, centimeter-level positioning accuracy GPS RTK boards for surveying, precision agriculture, and drones, etc. Our RTK boards can be integrated to other host…

    By Tersus RTK Engineer

  • Faro Scene

    Hi,anyone here using Faro scene I would like to know the PC configuration to get the most performance while using scene I want to process more than 100 scans and I would like to know how can I do that with my 32GB RAM 8GB graphics card and Intel Xeon procesor or if thats not enough what do I really…

    By Manuel Eden Ontiveros