• GPS rover in doorway problems.....

    Our company just recently within the last year got a GPS unit for surveying....So far we have not had many issues that could not be figured out on our own until recently...We were doing a topographic survey of a large fruit packing facility and we opened a few doors and placed the Rover just inside…

    By David Chandler

  • Simple Survey

    Hello :)long time ago i was thinking about land survey and how it works?? until i started my study in Geography Department in my college and that helped me very well to improve my skills.still for now land survey is just a mysterious case specially for those who just started with total station and…

    By Mahmoud Khalifa

  • Javad Triumph 2

    Hello Fellow Surveyors,Can some one please tell me if they've used the Javad Triumph 2 in a RTN network as a rover?What does the Javad triumph 2 come with? receiver and data collector? Does a collector have to be purchased and a receiver? Any help would be appreciated.Thank You!Paul

    By Paul Quagge

  • mimimu e+o

    Hello, can someone please tell me what is the minimum amount of coverage to carry for boundary surveys, topos, elevation certs....smallcompany....just me and my wife.....no construction staking....thanks, Paul

    By Paul Quagge

  • New Land Surveyor App

    Land Survey Tools is an inexpensive surveying application for performing topographic calculations, developed by experts in the field of surveying engineering. It enables…

    By Εδουάρδος Πολίτης

  • Calculating bearings between coordinates

    Hi guys and girlsCan anyone tell me what the formula is to find the bearing between two known coordinatesId like to know how to do this manually...CheersMat

    By Mat Win

  • Wanted - A Very Forward Thinking Surveying, Drafting, and Technical Services Manager

    One of the largest publicly owned utilities in the US is looking for a new engineering technical services manager who can oversee and guide an already amazing surveying, drafting, and tech services section forward through an upcoming period of transformation and modernization.Requirements (in the…

    By Gavin Schrock

  • Terrestrial Photogrammetry with Trimble Vision workflows.

    So I have been trying to implement Terrestrial photogrammetry as part of our Topo workflow. so I had a few…

    By Joe Nelson

  • trouble setting up leica tribrach/prism

    Hi, I handle the setting out for a residential ground works firm and we recently swapped from topcon to  leica ts06+ kit set.We never got our promised training but I've managed to teach myself how to use all of it bar one thing, the prism. We stick it on the tripod, and we get an inverted image…

    By Dan C

  • Excel transfer to AutoCAD

    By Erwin Vasquez