• coordinate

    any body have any formula for calculate the bearing between  two coordinates.  

    By Sabaretnam Saranraj

  • TPS1000 Leica TC1100

    Hello,I need a firmware for TPS1000 Leica TC(AM) 1100 total station, I will very appreciate, and thanks a lot in advance..Regards.

    By Bernard Guillaume

  • Telecommunication Tower point cloud to revit

    I am looking for advice on the following:A client of mine is looking to set up a data base for numerous telecommunication towers and all amenities located on the tower. They are looking for the final output to be in revit so they can conduct a structural analysis with all the amenities removed from…

    By Carl Morris

  • Training for Trimble TSC3 with Access

    TrainingHow to copy arcs & lines from Job to Job in TSC3 with Trimble Access.by Ted Link1. In general survey, click on "Jobs". open job w/ arc's & lines.2. Click "Jobs" & "import / export".3. Click on "Export fixed format file"4. Choose file format:Trimble DC v10.75. Hit "Accept" (you…

    By Ted Link

  • Surveying jobs around the world - Travelling with surveying

    Hi guys,I am curious to know if anyone here is using, or has used surveying as a tool to move abroad and perhaps see the world a little.I would like to live in a number of different countries, and likely not all of them but I'd like the chance to live in one or more of the following, preferably for…

    By Paul Vidler

  • Leica Geo Office Tunnel Export

    Hello I am trying to use LGO to create a tunneling job for import by Viva Smartworks running on a Leica TS 50 total station. So far I have created 3 XML files  that are successfuly imported by LGO  The problem occurrs when I try to Export the alignments and tunnel profiles from LGO to…

    By Richard Lacker

  • Harmonizing control

    Hie guys, I have a challenge here. I have been placed on a new site, working with another surveyor from a different company. We all used same initial control points and transferred to local control on the site. He is working on the deck and  i am working on the foundation. One of the days he wasn't…

    By Killivien Sithole


    Hello Respectable Members!How do I go about using Surfer and Autocad Softwares to computes volume of X.Y and Z coordinates.Thanks!Oluwafemi

    By Oluwafemi Muyideen Olaiya

  • Lidar survey disturbed!

    A Lidar survey done In Sri Lanka done by survey department has experienced a disturbance of GPS signal attached to the unit inside flight.The area is in hill country,there is a Radar station established for aviation purposesAnd telecom towers around the area.This was done by JAICA,they have done…

    By Lalith Senanayake

  • thales+navigation+promark3+boot+hanging+problems

    Hi,I am Victor, (the new guy) 

    By Victor Korda