• Review on Bramor gEO UAV

    Hi everyone,Who knows this product? Does anyone has something to add?http://www.geo-matching.com/products/id2510-bramor-geo-uav.htmlA peer profssional has written this review"One of the best UAV systems on the market. We…

    By Peter Tapken

  • New Field Software for theodolite and total station

    Hi everyone! happy to be a part of this groupI have recently made a new application for window phones "Little Surveyor Pro", which helps with theodolites, i would like if you may give it a try, and for any improvements or changes that you think are necessary please mention, thank you   …

    By Εδουάρδος Πολίτης

  • Survey Drafting Freeware/ E&O carrier??

    Hello Fellow Surveyors,Can someone please recommend any free cad/drafting software available from the web?Awhile ago it was mentioned here but haven't had the chance to get back on.Can anyone recommend a good E & O carrier and what would be a good deductible for a small survey company doing…

    By Paul Quagge

  • Property Law Acts Question

    Good Morning Guys n Girlswhat is the purpose of the property law act 2007 as it relates to the land transfer act and title of land?Any ideas and help would be greatly appreciative..Thanks again

    By Mat Win

  • Texas county road ROW

    Does anyone know if there is a statute or precedent set in Texas that defines the county's right of way width if the property lines for the adjoining properties go to the CL of the road? The roads that I am referring to are county maintained roads, not under TXDOT.Thanks!kkw

    By Kevin K. Whitley

  • Facility Mapping

    Can someone please give me an overview of what facility mapping of a school is. A good material in this regard will be appeciated [email protected] Thankx

    By Amole Ayodeji Babatunde

  • E 52 error on a Leica 2002 level

    I have one more question and that refers to the error E52. I see this error all the time when I turn on the level and attempt to test it. Does anyone know the problem here? Thank you.  

    By Maurice Heter

  • Traverse using Trimble 5600 Robotic

    Hi Guys,Looking for some help to conduct a traverse using a Trimble 5600 Robotic.If anyone has any experience using this machine and could spare a few minutes to give a step by step instruction I would be greatly appreciative. There is a traverse setting on the machine  but I cant find any help to…

    By Carl Morris

  • survce localization problem

    Hello,I am using survce 3 and I had a file with total station points and gps points.I collect first the gps points and then I setup the ts and continued to collect points.Everything is fine until I try to make a localization .I get weird results. The gps points follow the localization but the…

    By Achilles Nizamopoulos

  • Leica NA2002 digital level. Does the storage card for this level use a battery?

    Hi, I am writing to ask if anyone has a manual for the Leica Na2002 digital level and  if the storage card for that level has its own separate battery. I have been trying to get the level working but and it does work but a new error message came up saying that the data transfer does not work, any…

    By Maurice Heter