• Deformation monitoring points as turning points?

    This discussion pertains to leveling monitoring and turning on each point or using a change plate and measuring the elevation of each point, which means breaking the elevation circuit that was started from the monument used in the survey.

    By Maurice Heter

  • Is there a driver for HP 1050C utilizing ACAD 2008 and Windows 10

    I recently updated to Windows 10 and installed the ACAD 2008 onto the machine and have not been able to find a solution to my problem. Is postscript required for the printer to use ACAD 2008 on Windows 10

    By PR (Rick) Burns

  • Very general question on rectifying a boundary that doesn't fit found monuments

    I don't need to do this and I have some text that probably describes best practices in these cases, but just wondering about found monuments vs record corners.  It seems like there would be a number of ways to show someone's property on a map in this case, each of which would sacrifice to a…

    By Dave Drahn

  • setting up surveying programe for new graph Calculator

    HiAnyone here know how to install surveying programme on new graph calculator, like changing local to global coordinates etclondon_farhad@yahoo.co.uk

    By farhad mohamadi

  • ALTA Survey Requirements

    There are two types of title policies in general use.  They are the standard coverage policy or CLTA form which is limited to those matters that impart constructive notice under the recording laws.  That is those matters in the county recorders office that impart constructive notice.  If reference…

    By James (Jim) R. Dorsey

  • ALTA Surveys

    I have a client requesting an ALTA of only a portion of property. They are interested in purchasing 1 building on a parcel that's 2 acres and contains 4 buildings. I would think we would have to survey the entire property.Has anyone run across this scenario??

    By Phil Landry

  • Terramodel 10.5 or 10.6 Disk Needed

    Since Trimble bought Terramodel they stopped doing updates. I have version 10.5 and have lost my CD top load it on my new computer. So if anyone has either 10.5 or 10.6 (the final one) and could make me a duplicate I'd be very appreciative. Call me at 334-826-9540 or email me at…

    By J Keith Maxwell

  • help exporting cad lines to google earth

    hello billy, fellow surveyors and my friends: when I export cad lines to google earth I am getting an offset error of 5 meter whywhy rtk position not matching with google earth?


  • NSPS Feedback Requested - the Future of Surveying

    The National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) is taking the lead on soliciting feedback form surveyors to help drive…

    By Gavin Schrock

  • GPS , TRIMBLE , R8

    Hello every one,i am going to purchase a  Trimble R8 model 2 GPS since i am quite new to the GPS i haven't much ideas if my 1st purchase would leads me to right direction in future.any ideas/info will be highly appreciated.thanks

    By Sarfraz Ahmed