• Never buy another piece of property without hiring a skilled Land Surveyor

    http://issuu.com/burge/docs/leader1213a?fb_ref=Default&fb_source=message Article on a boundary dispute in Houston, Texas. The owner says she will never buy another property without hiring a skilled Land…

    By Deward Karl Bowles

  • Please help me Find Surveying Job in Amsterdam Netherlands

    Hello Friends,I'm just one small peace of the surveyor army. I've wonder who can help me, than i find a forum full of my brothers and sisters all across the world. Now on the topic: I'm a experianced 39y.o. freelance surveyor. I've worked and live nice and peaceful live here in Sofia, Bulgaria.…

    By Angel Stavrev

  • Canal Cross Sections excavation volume calculation weekly

    Dear All,                I am working on canal project,all of cross sections i prepared in auto cad,every week i have to take elevations on excavation from site for weekly volume calculations,Can anyone tell me easy procure of quantity take off, right now i am using Civil 3d to take excavation…

    By Muhammad Junaid

  • Rinex File Name format

    Does any one use Topcon receivers to output the RINEX format file while conducting the static surveying ? What's the file name format you'll use ? It means at the same point, but different time phase, will you use the same file name or different name generated by the topcon receiver?

    By Peter Yeung

  • Wild and Distance Mete

    i have two wild t2's with four distance meters. Two of the distance meters snap on top of the wild's the other two are missing Some type of connecter that mounts on to the wild And then allows the distance meter to snap on. I need this missing part. Does anyone know what this part is and where I…

    By Bill Buntrock, PLS

  • Texas Registered Professional Land Surveyor and trespass

    It has come to my attention that there has been some misinformation put out on the web by various sources on Registered Professional Land Surveyors in Texas and trespass. Here it the part of Texas codified law that deals with this subject (Please note there is a separate set…

    By Deward Karl Bowles

  • GPS rover in doorway problems.....

    Our company just recently within the last year got a GPS unit for surveying....So far we have not had many issues that could not be figured out on our own until recently...We were doing a topographic survey of a large fruit packing facility and we opened a few doors and placed the Rover just inside…

    By David Chandler

  • Simple Survey

    Hello :)long time ago i was thinking about land survey and how it works?? until i started my study in Geography Department in my college and that helped me very well to improve my skills.still for now land survey is just a mysterious case specially for those who just started with total station and…

    By Mahmoud Khalifa

  • Javad Triumph 2

    Hello Fellow Surveyors,Can some one please tell me if they've used the Javad Triumph 2 in a RTN network as a rover?What does the Javad triumph 2 come with? receiver and data collector? Does a collector have to be purchased and a receiver? Any help would be appreciated.Thank You!Paul

    By Paul Quagge

  • mimimu e+o

    Hello, can someone please tell me what is the minimum amount of coverage to carry for boundary surveys, topos, elevation certs....smallcompany....just me and my wife.....no construction staking....thanks, Paul

    By Paul Quagge