Paul Quagge

Mesa, AZ

United States

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I have surveyed in forest, mountainous and desert terrains in all kinds of weather. I like all aspects of surveying from research, legal interpretations to construction staking. I am a very hard worker who believes in constant study. My studies for exam preparation can be seen on the
Paul Quagge
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Licenses Certifications or Awards
Arizona Registered Land Surveyor
I have experience with the following
GPS, topographic, boundary surveys, construction staking, topographic surveys, control network surveys, Survey Office, Aerial, Engineering support,topo,GPS,boundary,construction staking
How many years have you been surveying?
over 15 years 7
Most comfortable with the following types of instrumentation
Total Stations, GPS, Surveying Software, Robotics, Automatic Levels

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  • omar lozada

    Hi Paul, nice to meet you! Survey in Puerto Rico is challenging, and I like it because every time its different even if I am on the same project. And, by the way, I work in the light rain if I need to finish a job and if my equipment can take the rain, because it is water resistant not water proof. have a great day!

    Hi Paul, how are you and your family,hoping¬† thier fine . you are my senior brother because my senior brother is also named Paul.Paul do know how to draw cadastral,because we need people who can draw cadastral in our company urgent.send me copy of how your cadastral plan looks.send to this email: [email protected]¬†so that any hint i will give you info. bye

  • Thiago Paim

    Hello, thank you for accepting Paul.