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This group is for LSU members who use Leica Instruments in the field. This group is for discussions and tutorials related to Leica user.

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  • Paul Quagge

    Hello Fellow Surveyors,

    I recently purchased a TC407 Total Station. Could someone please tell where I might find a users manual? If anyone can tell me any work arounds for uploading and downloading, what data collector is needed, any work arounds for data collectors, anything about using the instrument would be helpful and appreciated!

    Thank You,

  • Billy Brooks

    Hi Paul,

    I Have a manual, but it is in Portugués. First I though it was Spanish. it was only printed one year ago. you could translate it.

    I know that might be to much, I will try to find one in English.Manual%20da%20%20Esta%C3%A7%C3%A3o%20Total%20Leica%20TC407.pdf

  • Supawatt kan

     Laica TCR 1103+ not shoot on none reflector mode

    On reflecor mode all ok. How to fix this problem..

                Best Regrads,

                 Kan pinyo