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Edit GPS observation in LGO?

We set our Leica System 1200 GPS base station on a new control point using the WGS'84 coordinate system and hit a "here" key thus receiving a Lat/Long/Ell. Ht. for that point.  Then we spent all day tying the boundary and new site control to be post-processed and brought to state plane coordinates, modified to ground.  The problem is that in our haste to get back to the office, the base was moved off of the point (10-15 feet to the back of the truck to pack it up) before we hit "stop" to stop logging raw data. 


Is there a way in LGO to "edit out" the last minute of the observation (when the base was moved) before we process the data?  I have used TGO (Trimble) in the past, and know that you can edit out portions of an observation (cycle slips etc.), and I figured LGO would have a similar option.  But try as I may, I cannot find a way to do it.  I have to figure that moving the base while it was still logging raw data would affect its determined position, and thus all of the observations made using it as a reference.  Any ideas?

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    I'm not sure if you can edit out static observables (I am using V7 LGO) but the other option is to convert the file to Rinex and edit out the observables in the Rinex observation which is easy to do.  I usually convert all my static files to Rinex anyway because I use various CORS sites (and our own Leica base station data).  You do have to have the Rinex option which is a purchased LGO option.


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      Seeking Employment

      Pedro Hernandez

      Good afternoon dear colleagues, I apologize, I have used all my professional life instruments Wild -Leica, and due to the terrible economic crisis that crosses my Country and although I know that it is not the right thing, I have no alternative to being able to update my equipment that is not operational since July 2014, since I could not update the ME firmware running version. I ask with much respect and waiting for your highest consideration, I would like to see the possibility that a colleague can send me the firmware file ME3.FW Version: v3.823, I have many problems with my instrument and my Leica distributor in my country, unfortunately, it has not been able to solve me, we are here in Venezuela experiencing a terrible social, political and economic crisis, that is why I appeal to you and your generosity, I do not have the financial means to pay for a firmware update Currently, I hope you understand me and can help me, thank you and may God bless you.