Android Apps for SurveyorsI was browsing through AppBrain for some surveyor-related applications for Android devices and found quite a few worth sharing.

UPDATE:  Surveyor Android Apps Collection


Bubble Level   Free 


Bubble level AppA spirit level. Hold any of the phone's four sides against an object to test it for level or plumb, or lay it down on a flat surface for a 360° level.

- Calibrate
- Show angle or inclination
- Sound effects
- Install on SD
- Orientation locking
- Roof pitch
- No ads
- No Internet access required
- Open source

Looking for translators : chineese, portuguese, englisg, german, dutch, italian, spanish, japanese, russian.

Recent changes:
Bug fix for Android 1.5 users. 

Latest version: 1.7.1 (for all Android versions)


Compass and Level     Free 


Compass and Level AppCompass and Leveler package.

It's easy to use and change mode.

Don't ask anymore that the picture frame is flat or not.

Ver 1.0.7.A

1. Add Hold and Restart function on Leveler.

2. Change sensing delay.

Latest version: 1.0.7.A (for all Android versions)




Talking Compass   Free 


Blind persons talking compass, hold phone level.

Added degrees to speech output and faster speaking rate.

You need text-to-speech switched on or installed on your android.

It speaks the direction your phone is pointing every 2 seconds.

Latest version: FasterSpeech (for all Android versions)








Intersection Explorer   Free 

Intersection Explorer provides a virtual map to help blind users explore their neighborhood.

Use touch to move along the current road and hear available directions at any given point.

Latest version: 1.0.0 (for Android version 2.1 and higher)



More Free Android Apps for Land Surveyors:

GPS Status and Toolbox   Free

GPS toolbox AppDisplay your GPS and sensor data: position and signal strength of satellites, accuracy, speed, acceleration, bearing. 

Tools included: compass with magnetic and true north, leveling tool, mark or share your location and navigate back later. 

Keep your GPS fast: reset it or download A-GPS data regularly for faster fixes.

Latest version: 3.6 : NEW: Moved AGPS, level calibration from settings to the new Tools menu; OruxMaps integration; Template for the sharing message; Can share sensor data and target location too; Force full screen setting; OS Grid reference support (for all Android versions)

Pages about this Android app:

Do you know of any helpful Android apps for land surveyors?


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Replies to This Discussion

I just took off that AppBrain in my blind effort to free up memory because my HTC desire will not tell me how to free up memory. I just wish it would save things on the SD card instead of being so limited and lacking the internal phone memory management tools.

This is a great section if I can figure out how to use AppBrain and installation of useful tools. I would like a GPS tool that would show my trail like my old Magellan Gold GPS. I got the Magellan Triton 2000 but it is not at all what I thought it would be with the lack of maps and battery longevity. It was almost all show and no go.

As said before, I found a batter source for survey equipment and that HTC desire android phone that is about half the price of everywhere else. I would think surveyors would be interested in saving big bucks on their batteries. Email me and send me a buck and I will send you their contact information.



for your GPS tool your looking for go to the market and search for Gaia GPS, it is very accurate! as far as appbrain, it is just another tool to access the market, i don't use it either.


to free up memory go to menu/settings/application/running services and click on all the items you don't want running. I used to use advanced task killer which did this for me until i read an article about how the android OS works, it actually learns how to deal with memory issues the more you use it.


i have been following "android" on face book and they say they are working on a way to store/save apps to your SD card, i cant wait


I just realized i posted some droid apps to the wrong category, i am compiling a list of useful apps for surveyors that i have personally tested, and will add my own reviews along with a bar code and link to download the app


hope all is well my friend


Ty Olinghouse

Thanks - I found the app to monitor all my tasks and to stop them (Android Task Manager).  I also found app to save and backup all apps to the SD card (AppManager).  I found a really nice GPS app (GPS Status) but it does not record and save the "trail" so I plan to look at the "Gaia GPS" soon.


Things are tough but I still alive and healthy, especially after getting over a really bad sinus infection I had for 2 months.  I see on Latitude you are still out there in AZ.  


I am trying to get other survey buddies using Latitude, especially when we are trying to coordinate and find one another when we meet out in the field.  I got to do some gps static for a friend recently - nice to get out in the field - been over two months now and really need some field work.


I have been trying to find the 3 college credit course in Boundary Law to take online or locally. Even though I do not need it, I am required to get the 3 hours.  So far, no bag.  I am finding it hard to find. Let me know if you find a correspondence course or a mailing list I can get on for it or local through OSU Tulsa or TCC.  I thought I found a lead yesterday but it petered out as with previous attempts.


Have you been working on any field or office survey projects there other than all the stuff I see you doing to help others with apps and issues?


I need to hook you up with David Lacy - he is doing a lot of (out of state) pipeline survey work.  I may need to consider it myself to survive and give up the hope and effort to get back to "normal" working for myself and for the individuals locally needing my direct and personal help in finding their property corners.


Keep up the good works.


here are some more useful Apps for Surveyors


heytell (turns your phoner into walky talky for droid and iphone)

metal detector (it works actually!)

2d shape calculator

bearing + dist. lite

real calc (scientific calc, has rpn mode)

convert pad

voice recorder

phone my pc

trimble outdoors

gaia GPS lite (7.5' topo maps with gps)

wheres my droid (if you lose your droid, using your bosses phone text a keyword to your phone and it will txt lat/long corrds and map to you of its position)

facebook for droid (while waiting on a fix lol)

remote desktop

ip web cam

lat long calc

android market via web


just go to your market and search for the name of the app, i also use app manager to back up all my apps to sd card, so i dont have to remember or write down all my apps to reinstall when i get a new phone or have to factor reset


updated 02/25/2011



hope these are useful



Here's something I found which may be helpful to you Android Surveyors out there:  

Android in Action, 2nd Edition
Manning Publications; Second Edition (January, 2011) | English | 575 pages | ISBN:1935182722

When it comes to mobile apps, Android can do almost anything—and with this book, so can you! Android runs on mobile devices ranging from smart phones to tablets to countless special-purpose gadgets. It’s the broadest mobile platform available.

Android in Action, Second Edition is a comprehensive tutorial for Android developers. Taking you far beyond “Hello Android,” this fast-paced book puts you in the driver’s seat as you learn important architectural concepts and implementation strategies. You’ll master the SDK, build WebKit apps using HTML 5, and even learn to extend or replace Android’s built-in features by building useful and intriguing examples.


stay tuned for the release of Land Surveyors United android app next week!
You guys should check out the new PhotoTag Android App for Surveyors...


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