Hi, everyone, I'm looking for a copy of the Manual for an old Geotec T-24 Transit. If anyone has that as a PDF file I would definitely appreciate a copy. Paper copy if PDF file not available. Thanks in advance!

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I think i managed to dig up just what you need... let me know if it works and welcome Kenneth

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Hi Surveying Jobber,

Thanks for the welcome making the effort, but the Geotec T-24 that I have is an old optical one from the 60's or 70's era. It's nothing like the Smart Series.

Hey, speaking of Smart things, I just read that Google, Levi's and others are trying to make a pair of "smart" jeans, so that you don't even have to remove your phone from your pants to use it. This gives new meaning to the term we've all used for years now "SmartyPants"! BTW If you have other sources for the manual please keep digging!


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