Tget things started off on the right foot in Malaysia Land Surveyors Group, why not everyone introduce themselves to the group. Tell us what part of Malaysia you live in and the type of surveying that you do day to day. By letting the other member know the types of land surveying work you do and the types of equipment you use, it will be of great help to you in the future when you are in position to possibly support each other in the field.


Feel free to express yourself in any language you prefer.   All of us across the globe look forward to learning the ways surveyors work in Malaysia!



You can start by introducing yourself in the comments below to get this discussion rolling...

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Hi member Malaysian Surveyor,
I am working with LS base Selangor
Topography,Cadastral, and UDS (GPR learning process)
Nikon NPL332
Topcon Digital Level
Topcon Hiper Ga Gps
No Calculator (seeking any Model)

History and memory
Career started 1981 from basic (worker)
that time all tradition method
using [email protected] down view and stav
booking hand writing and reduce Fx603
Plotting by protector,mechanical pen and scale ruler draw on tracing

Plumbub,steel chain/meter,Tempreture tube and spring balance
Solar manual calculate

Dumpy Level

Land survey career
make me meet alot of local people where i work and collect thier experience of life and stories 40s,50s,60s state by state all over malaysia,also known thier language culture and dishes.

Collect unfound things in jungle and top hill.

Most adventure were camping in jungle (2.5hrs walking in from asli village) for 1.5 years at border Perak,Pahang,Kelantan doing topo strip survey for simpang pulai to gua musang road pass by cameron higland.


No other live better than as land surveyor

hello all,

i'm working with an LS in ipoh, perak.

just graduated from geomatic engineering in UTM last year.

still learning a lot from this job personally and adding more value to what i learnt from my dad,a freelance.

hope to continue to learn more from the seniors and experienced people in this forum and group locally or internationally!

Hi everyone,

Salam Sejahtera

I am a land surveyor (from poly kulim)

Working in railway construction

Previous projects

Seremban - gemas double track

Kajang Depot


Doha Metro


Exeperience in 

Establishing control network (processing and adjustment)

Setting out alignment

As built survey

Clearance survey analysis (tunnel vs alignment)

Instrument familiar

Topcon ES101

Leica TS11

Trimble S5


AutoCAD Civil 3d




NRG Survey

TS viva / captivate


Always looking for new softwares and excel spreadsheets


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