Official symbols according to the conventions of the Geographical Survey Institute of Japan appear with a circle below.

Symbol GSI Meaning Unicode Description
Base triangulation surveying point U+25EC Dot in upward-pointing triangle
  Electronic triangulation point   Dot in upward-pointing triangle with flag
Benchmark U+22A1 Dot in square
Factory U+263C White sun with rays
Elementary or junior high school U+6587 Kanji bun
  High school   Kanji bun in a circle
  University   Kanji bun with a smaller kanji 大 (for daigaku) in brackets on top
  Technical college   Kanji bun with a smaller kanji 専 (for senmon gakkō) in brackets on top
Post office U+3036 Down tack (T-shape) with overbar in circle
× Sub post office (not distribution centre) U+3012 Down tack (T-shape) with overbar
Police station U+2297 Diagonal cross (saltire) in circle
× Koban (police box) U+00D7 Diagonal cross (saltire)
Public health centre U+2295 Greek cross in circle
  Hospital   Greek cross in shield
  Prefectural Office   Oval bullseye
City hall U+25CE Bullseye
Ward office U+25C9 Fisheye
Town hall U+25CB Circle
Buddhist temple U+534D Manji (Sauwastika)
Cemetery U+22A5 Up tack (inverted T-shape)
Onsen (hot springs) U+2668 Oval with three vertical wavy lines
Historical landmark U+2234 Therefore symbol
Summit U+25B4 Small black upward-pointing triangle
ж Forestry station U+0436 Seal script kanji for tree


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