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Surveying Bloopers

Surveying can be a high stress, long hours and long days on site...

But we've all been around long enough to come accross something hilarious, something ridiculous and something damn right funny or facepalm worthy. Feel free to share your stories and photos here!

I'll get the ball rolling with this...

Many years ago a colleague of mine was doing some surveying for a new wastewater pipeline not too far away from a military base. On tea break he decides to have a better look at the passing chinook through the instrument, as you do. Quality optics, good light, beautiful surroundings, cup of tea. Why not? 15 minutes later Land Rover full of armed MP's does a slow drive past to check him out, asks a few questions and moves on. He checks his instrument... Moral of the story don't use your instrument as a telescope to look at aircraft with it in tracking. I think the signal from the kit must have lit up that cockpit like a christmas tree! Lucky he didn't get himself arrested lol

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