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I just read your blog with some interest because I am your same age and located in the SE Wisconsin area. I also re-started my own small engineering & surveying company a couple of years ago after a 6-year hiatus, thus I had to address many of the same issues you are discussing in your blog.

Easiest option to improve "passive" lead generation is link your webpage to your directory listing on the Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors (WSLS) website. This will provide you a lot more web search exposure. It goes without saying that you should already be a member of your national, state and local chapters. I do not recommend paying a consultant for website SEO improvement.

You also need to really step up your "active" lead generation efforts because you have been out of the marketplace for so long. A good place to start is calling up your past clients and reconnecting with them. Then you can find out what opportunities they have available for you and/or request their referral to new prospects. Secondly, explore opportunities to partner with other firms in your area, whether they be engineers, contractors, architects, or even other surveyors. Being a 1-man shop provides you the flexibility to do that quite effectively. Finally, look at joining your area realtor association, chamber of commerce, rotary, or other such organization to get your name and company recognized as a resource available to other business owners and leaders in the area.

All of the marketing & sales efforts mentioned above have worked for me. You just need to be willing to schedule the time and effort necessary because you can't expect anything to happen overnight. However, consistent effort on your part will produce the results you are looking for.

Wishing you "Good Luck & Good Fortune!"

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Replies to This Discussion

Welcome and thanks for sharing!
Thank you, great advice. It is a very rural area I'm in and I have touched base and re-introduced myself to the area realtors. Haven't yet re-joined WSLS yet. But have posted my info in all the local County surveyor sites, plus I know them all very well, as one of them worked for me, and the others from being from my local friends and peers for so many years. However, 1 of my main realtor clients passed away, and the largest one retired. But I have been well assured by many of them, that they will keep me more than busy, but promises don't pay the bills. But I'm set for a few months monetarily, I know when it starts, they'll probably come bursts, at least thats the way it was in the past. No calls for several weeks, and then a dozen in 2 days. Got a call that the Asst County Surveyor job in LaCrosse County opened up 2 days ago, I'd have jumped on it 2 mos ago. $23 an hour with great benefits, the county surveyor there is Brian Meyer, super great guy, whom I have a ton of respect for and would've loved to work for, but I'm already too invested, and know I can make more money with this, but the security of that job would've been nice. Plus $23 an hour for this area isn't bad. However, my 20 year old son makes 33 an hour as a lineman for Alliant Energy.
I'm just trying to stay optimistic, probably do some mailings to more local attorneys and more title companies etc... Will re-join WSLS in the next day or so. Did catch the last two days of the Institute this year.


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