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Re-starting survey business, new to this site, Lyme's Disease and advertising


   Just re-started my survey business after being out of it for 7+ years (did keep up my license and pdh's).  Housing crunch in 08 kind of did me in, along with having Lyme's disease 4 times. After talking to local county surveyors and realtors, they said the work was plentiful and several local guys are looking to retire soon. They are all ten+ years older than me and I'm 53. I was a surveyor in the Army for 10+ years till '93. Worked as a crew chief and draftsman for two local companies from '93-'99, bought out the last guy I worked for in Jan 2000 after getting my WI surveyor license in 99. Did well for the first 4-5 years even though I paid wayyy to much for the business and also bought the office building, equipment, name, etc... So overhead killed me, went out of business by the end of 2009. Going smaller this time with an LLC out of my home, with only equipment payments and insurance. Going with a one man operation, Robotic total station and RTK GPS with WISCORS. Carlson Surveyor II and Carlson 2017 for CAD. I did work with Eagle Point in the past with SMI data collection and only had 3 Sokkia Locus GPS before. I did have a Nikon robot before, so the new Leica is much nicer and easier even in some ways. Got my company all listed on line, with website etc...(this is considerably different than just having to worry about yellow pages). Plus how much does one pay per month to promote your website etc?? Also, made flyers to hand out with my business cards to all local realtors and title companies. Did get my first job the day after handing out cards, but nothing for the last two weeks. But this time of year in Wisconsin can be tricky, and usually when the calls come, they used to always be in bunches. The snow just melted this week, with more to come soon, but things usually always picked up in the spring when the nice weather came.

FYI:   Did finally learn how not to get Lyme's from the head of the Infectious Disease Dept at my regional hospital. She told me that taking a doxycycline pill the day you find a deer tick has bitten into you, and one the following day is 99.8% effective in preventing the illness, those were the results from a 10 year study in the northeastern US, but it hadn't been approved as a preventative yet by the FDA. Which I still can't understand a successful vaccine for cats and dogs but not people.  But getting some doctor to give you Doxy to keep stored in the fridge may not be easy. Being very high risk and very susceptible, they made me an exception to policy. The last time I had Lymes I just wanted someone to put me out of my misery, for well over 6 mos. So be careful out there guys. I'm in a very rural area and live in the woods, but have even picked up deer ticks in the cities. When I was younger I used to be a Chick magnet, now sadly I'm just an old tick magnet. :-(  

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