Who knows the total station Pentax PCS-1s  and technical characteristics.

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Hi Asan, 

I used them a few years, this is a 5 sec. gun. They worked good for construction,you could set the gun on 5

or 10 sec. if  i remember correct. I have part of a owner manual. I have seen them ( manuals) for sale on ebay, they are hard to find. What is it you would like to know,the menu is simple,there are hidden sub menu and setting for a tech, and for calibrations  they consist of pressing the on button from off with one or more of the input keys press to open these menu's. I can help some with what I can remember and the part of the manual I have left.

Thanks, Billy!

This total station I'm  going to bay from ebay, at the moment I win  the auction, but still did not pay, I heard that the maximum measurement distance is only 1000 meters on the reflector. Now I think to buy or not.

Asan,  I will look to see what data I can come up with.

Give me a little time, I will find, when I have the time.

Ok, thanks!

Hi Asan,

Had a little time,so here is the spec. in PDF



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