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Where to Find Historic Maps of North Carolina

The University of North Carolina has a great collection of historic maps. Selected maps from the collection can be viewed on-line overlaid on top of Google Maps.

The Historic Overlay Maps project includes the Compleat Map of North-Carolina from 1770, the First Actual Survey of North Carolina from 1808 and an 1884 Map of the Cherokee Nation. The collection also includes many historic North Carolina county maps.

For example, take a look at 

historic maps of north carolina


This particular map is overlay of a Google map, like this: (and for your convenience you can download the KML file and open in Google Earth)

historic maps of NC

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Users can take a flying tour of North Carolina and view some of the Historic Overlay Maps in a 3D Tour of the Tar Heel State.

Browse Historic Overlay Maps

Entire State
A Compleat Map of North-Carolina, 1770
First Actual Survey of North Carolina, 1808
Map of the Cherokee Nation, 1884
North Carolina State Highway Map, 1936

Alamance County
Map of Alamance County with Property Owners, 1893
Alamance County Highway Map, 1938

Alexander County
Alexander County Highway Map, 1938

Alleghany County
Alleghany County Soil Survey, 1915
Alleghany County Highway Map, 1968

Anson County
Gray's New Map of Wadesboro, Anson County, North Carolina, 1882
Anson County Road Map, 1930

Ashe County
Ashe County Soil Survey, 1912

Avery County
Town site of Linville
Avery County Highway Map, 1938

Beaufort County
Beaufort County Soil Survey, 1917
Beaufort County Road Map, 1936

Bertie County
Bertie County Soil Survey, 1918

Bladen County
Bladen County Soil Survey, 1914
Bladen County Highway Map, 1968

Brunswick County
Brunswick County Map, 1910
Brunswick County Soil Survey, 1932

Buncombe County
Map of Asheville, ca. 1890s
Buncombe County Soil Survey, 1920
Map of Asheville, 1921

Burke County
Burke County Soil Survey, 1926
Burke County Highway Map, 1938

Cabarrus County
Cabarrus County Soil Survey, 1910

Caldwell County
Caldwell County Soil Survey, 1917
Caldwell County School Map, 1924

Camden County
Map of Elizabeth City, 1881
Soil Survey of Camden and Currituck Counties, 1923

Carteret County
Carteret County Soil Survey, 1935
Beaufort Inlet Coast Survey, 1944

Caswell County
Caswell County School Districts, 1868
Caswell County Soil Survey, 1908

Catawba County
Map of Catawba County, 1886
Catawba County Highway Map, 1938

Chatham County
Chatham County Soil Survey, 1933
Plan for Jordan Lake, 1964

Cherokee County
Cherokee County Soil Survey, 1921

Chowan County
Chowan County Soil Survey, 1906

Clay County
Clay County Soil Survey, 1935

Cleveland County
Cleveland County Soil Survey, 1918

Columbus County
Columbus County Soil Survey, 1915

Craven County
A Plan of the Town of New Bern, 1822
A plan of the city of Newbern, 1875
Craven County Soil Survey, 1904
Craven County Soil Survey, 1929

Cumberland County
Fayetteville, 1825
Cumberland County Soil Survey, 1922

Currituck County
Coast Survey of Albemarle Sound, 1910
From Cape Henry to Currituck Beach, 1913
Coast Survey of Albemarle Sound, 1913
Soil Survey of Camden and Currituck Counties, 1923

Dare County
Coast Survey of Albemarle Sound, 1910
Coast Survey of Albemarle Sound, 1913
Dare County Highway Map, 1938

Davidson County
Davidson County Soil Survey, 1915
Thomasville Zone Map, 1930

Davie County
Davie County Soil Survey, 1927
Mocksville Enterprise Map of Davie County, 1936

Duplin County
Duplin County Soil Survey, 1905
Town of Wallace, 1930

Durham County
Plan of the City of Durham, N.C., circa 1887
Map of Durham County, 1920
Durham County Soil Survey, 1920
Plan for Jordan Lake, 1964

Edgecombe County
Map of Edgecombe County, 1905
Town of Tarboro, n.d.

Forsyth County
Forsyth County Soil Survey, 1913
Map of Winston-Salem, ca. 1920
City of Winston-Salem Zone Map, 1930

Franklin County
Gray's New Map of Louisburg, Franklin County, North Carolina, 1882
Map of Franklin County, 1907

Gaston County
Gaston County Soil Survey, 1909

Gates County
Gates County Soil Survey, 1929
Gates County Highway Map, 1968

Graham County
Graham County Highway Map, 1938

Granville County
Gray's New Map of Oxford, Granville County, North Carolina, 1882
Granville County Road Map, 1936

Greene County
Greene County Soil Survey, 1924

Guilford County
Guilford County Soil Survey, 1920
Guilford County, North Carolina (Highway maintenance map), 1968

Halifax County
Halifax County Soil Survey, 1916
Halifax County Highway Map, 1968

Harnett County
Harnett County Soil Survey, 1916
Harnett County Highway Map, 1938

Haywood County
Haywood County Highway Map, 1938

Henderson County
Henderson County Soil Survey, 1907
Main highways, mountain peaks and streams of Henderson County , 1918

Hertford County
Hertford County Soil Survey, 1916
Hertford County Highway Map, 1968

Hoke County
Hoke County Soil Survey, 1918
Hoke County Highway Map, 1938

Hyde County
Hyde County Highway Map, 1938

Iredell County
Iredell County Highway Map, 1938

Jackson County
Jackson County Highway Map, 1938
Jackson County Highway Map, 1968

Johnston County
Battle of Bentonville, N.C., circa 1891-1895
Johnston County Soil Survey, 1911

Jones County
Jones County Soil Survey, 1934

Lee County
Lee County Highway Map, 1938

Lenoir County
Lenoir County Soil Survey, 1927

Lincoln County
Lincoln County Soil Survey, 1914

Macon County
Macon County Soil Survey, 1933

Madison County
Madison County Soil Survey, 1927

Martin County
Martin County Highway Map, 1938

McDowell County
McDowell County Highway Map, 1938

Mecklenburg County
Map of Charlotte, 1877
Mecklenburg County Soil Survey, 1910
Map of Mecklenburg County, 1911
Mecklenburg County Highway Map,1968

Mitchell County
Town site of Linville
Mitchell and Yancey Counties Highway Map, 1938
Mitchell County Highway Map, 1967

Montgomery County
Rural Delivery Routes, Montgomery County, circa 1910-1919

Moore County
Moore County Soil Survey, 1919
Pinehurst Country Club, 1922

Nash County
Nash County, 1919

New Hanover County
Map showing the entrenchments around Wilmington, 1863
Central Part of Wilmington, circa 1882
Map of New Hanover County, 1886
New Hanover County Soil Survey, 1906

Northampton County
Northampton County Soil Survey, 1925
Northampton County Highway Map, 1938

Onslow County
Onslow County Soil Survey, 1921
Onslow County Highway Map, 1938

Orange County
Orange County Soil Survey, 1918
Topography, Chapel Hill and Vicinity, 1918
Map of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1933
Plan for Jordan Lake, 1964

Pamlico County
Pamlico County Soil Survey, 1934

Pasquotank County
Map of Elizabeth City, 1881
Pasquotank and Perquimans Counties Soil Survey, 1905

Pender County
Proposed Farm City, Pender County, 1922
Pender County Highway Map, 1938

Perquimans County
Pasquotank and Perquimans Counties Soil Survey, 1905

Person County
Person County Rural Delivery Map, Circa 1910-1919
Person County Soil Survey, 1928

Pitt County
Pitt County Soil Survey, 1909

Polk County
Polk County Soil Survey, 1923

Randolph County
Randolph County Soil Survey, 1915

Richmond County
Richmond County Soil Survey, 1911

Robeson County
Robeson County Soil Survey, 1908

Rockingham County
Rockingham County Highway Map, 1938

Rowan County
Rowan County Soil Survey, 1914

Rutherford County
Rutherford County Soil Survey, 1914

Sampson County
Sampson County Soil Survey, 1924

Scotland County
Scotland County Soil Survey, 1909

Stanly County
Stanly County Soil Survey, 1916

Stokes County
Stokes County Soil Survey, 1934

Surry County
Map of Surry County with Property Owners, 1921
Surry County Soil Survey, 1932


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