An article in American Surveyor Magazine called Uncertain Future indicates retirement in the near future for many land surveyors in the United States.

It turns out that the average age of a land surveyor in the United States is 54.

So when I ran across this Retirement Map today on Maps Mania, I thought it might be a good post for those surveyors who are staring retirement right in the eye.  It just goes to show that practically anything can be mapped these days. The following map answers these important questions:

Ever wondered where in the world it's best to be old? Where your psychological well-being and life expectancy would be maximised? Where you'd be at the lowest risk of poverty? Have the best access to public transport?

The HelpAge International Global AgeWatch index assesses the quality of life for 89% of the world's older people in 91 countries. The idex ranks countries by how well their ageing populations are faring using four key criteria: income, health, employment and education, and an enabling environment.

The Guardian newspaper has used the data to create a Best and Worst Places to be Old map that visualizes the data for the 91 countries. The map uses a green to red color scale to show the best to the worst countries to be old.

You can click on any of the countries on the map to view how the country fares under each of the four criteria and click through to read the full assessment on the HelpAge International website.

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you'll never retire son... interesting map indeed!


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