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Magellan-Ashtech Social Support Forum is for LSU members who use Magellan-Ashtech equipment. This group is for discussions and tutorials related to Magellan-Ashtech. LSU is not directly affiliated with Magellan-all logos and imagery are copyright of their respective owners.

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Welcome to the Support Group for Magellan-Ashtech Products

This Magellan-Ashtech Surveying Equipment group forum is for LSU members who use Magellan-Ashtech in land surveying. This group is for discussions and tutorials related to Magellan-Ashtech.

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Reply by Phil Stevenson on July 2, 2011 at 8:52pm
There are a couple of modern data collector alternatives for the ZMax.  For those who like a keyboard the FT-1 is a nice data collector.  Find some photos of me using it with a ProMark500 on my Facebook page.  The ProMark100 can also be configured with options and a version of FAST Survey that will work with the ZMax.  It uses a virtual keyboard similar to the version of FAST Survey in Gary's ProMark3.  Most of the photos on my Facebook page show me using the ProMark100 / 200 with the GNSS receiver inside it but I have used it with the ProMark500 as well.  I have been so busy trying to learn all about the new tools that my ZMax does not get a lot of exercise any more.  But I am ready to help with tech support questions related to those two data collectors and how they work with the ZMax.  I have used both the PDL and the ULink radios at ranges out to just over 10 kilometers successfully.  But you qualified the question with mountainous terrain.  Mountains are a huge challenge for FM radios.  Where you are not trying to penetrate a mountain with the signal it will work well.  If you put the base on one side of the mountain and the rover on the other side you will probably have a failure to communicate.  Pacific Crest has an excellent little book about using RTK data links that should be required reading for everyone who uses a data link in the field.  Download that book from their web page.  Consider a repeater and the planning you will need to do to make it all work.  Visit with your dealer and make sure they are going to be able to offer you help with the tools after the sale.
Reply by Gary Breisch on July 2, 2011 at 9:14am
Contact Phil Stevenson or David Lacy on that.  I recall both may have personal knowledge on that.  Let me know if you need their email addresses.  They are both members last I checked.
Reply by ronnie r. monilla on July 2, 2011 at 8:22am
Garry we need to change our data collector (Allegro ce), do you have any idea which one is compatible with Thales Zmax. It should include the latest compatible software (fast survey etc.) if you can send me your quotation on these if available in your part. add but not so important a long range radio assembly for the base maybe 10km radius will operate on mountainous area. Thanks and God bless.
Reply by Gary Breisch on July 2, 2011 at 7:56am

We need to beef up this support group and get more members in it.  Maybe Justin can send out a request for all those using the Ashtech products to join the group and help each other.  Maybe searching on the member list for "AshTech" or Magellan or Thales and perhaps the mis-spelled versions will give us a starter list to use.


Reply by Arif Syazwan on July 1, 2011 at 3:22am

hi...i'm new here and i'm the ahstech promark 500 + mobilemapper 6 user, from Malaysia....


Reply by Gary Breisch on October 27, 2010 at 3:38pm
You got batteries? I did and very happy to have some 3960mA 3.7V battery units that fit right into my PM3 for about half the cost of what others have quoted me. I worked hard to find a good deal and I took the risk and ordered two for about the cost of one from my regular supplier. Send me a buck and I will tell you my secret. PayPal me at [email protected] - well worth it. Also I got a 3200mA battery to replace the whimpy 1300mA that came with a new cell phone. My cost was at least half of what I would pay at WalMart, LOL for anything close to as good. Now if I could at least find that touch screen part.
Reply by Gary Breisch on October 25, 2010 at 12:14pm
Several surveyors and mappers need to obtain the part to replace the touch screen that can get damaged and render the touch screen functions almost useless. See the group set up as Ashtech now and the Equipment Review group and GPS group for more information on the progress of finding a replacement part for the touch screen. Could it be the same as on the HTC or iPhone?
Reply by Gary Breisch on June 8, 2010 at 2:59pm
I have a ProMark3RTK+TS with a touch screen broken. I can still see the display but the break causes the touch not to work or to work unpredictable. I want to experiment with replacing it somehow myself and I have not found a way to contact someone at AshTech directly to discuss that idea or to advise me. I bought another one set up as a rover the same to use while I prepare the broken one for repair but it went bad on me so I had to send it back for warranty repair or replace and have had to go back to using the old one. I cannot use it for the Fast Survey but can manage using it in the "Survey" program for Static Post Processing with the GNSS program. I use the "Survey" program mostly due to the low power radios that I think limit the RTK usage to small open areas that is just fine for me as a single all-in-one crew these days.

I sent the new one back to Hayes a week ago where I bought it but have not heard on their progress to fix it and get it back so I can test it and use it for RTK and Static while I concentrate on getting the old rover fixed.

Any help is appreciated on how to contact someone with AshTech that can help me or someone who knows if and how I can replace that touch screen when I am ready.

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